Summer 2018

Tomorrow is my first day of class at BYU grad school. This is me:

Orientation last Friday quelled my fears in some areas, but ignited fears in other areas. I feel comfortable already with the students in my program. I think people who go into the social sciences reach out to strangers often and are good at establishing a connection quickly, and I feel I've already made some friends in the program. I also feel less judged in this group of people, which is nice because it's easy to feel self-conscious at BYU.  I think I'm most scared of the three C's policy: three C's and you're cut from the program. I'm terrified that they are going to find me out, and to my utter shame and humiliation I'll be kicked out of school. But I don't necessarily wish that this program was easier. BYU has a reputation for churning out strong clinical social workers, and if I can make it through this program then I can make it through just about anything. 

I'm grateful th…

This blessed plot...

My, how good it felt to be back in England. On our descent into Heathrow I kept pinching myself. It just didn't seem real! 3 years go I laid plans for a graduation trip to the UK, but with grad school applications and pre-req's to complete, plus no travel buddy to come with me, I just didn't see how I was going to make it happen.

Thankfully, I met Ashley. While in the break room at work one day, she mentioned that she wanted to travel, and finally felt like she was in a position to do so (recently divorced, newfound freedom, etc...). We talked to our manager the next week about taking a couple weeks off in May, and then before we knew it we were booking flights and making reservations for afternoon tea in Hyde Park. 

All in all, the trip went very smoothly. I felt very proud in my ability to navigate London, interacting as pleasantly as I could with the locals. I was desperate to prove that not all Americans are obnoxious morons like our current president.  

Still, Ashley …


I feel as if I've sort of ambled through life with the correct (albeit unexpected) path continuously laid before my feet. I can remember only a handful of definite markers guiding me in a certain direction. The first occurred when I was thirteen and I felt strongly that I should go to hair school. That feeling stuck with me all through high school and I never wavered from my decision.

The second occurred just before going to Philmont. I had been offered a position, Holly had not. I had to decide whether to go to New Mexico alone to work in the woods for a summer, and after serious prayer I felt I needed to go to Philmont. Thankfully, Holly did end up getting a job in the trading post and that summer turned out to be one of the happiest of my life!

The third happened when I was close to graduating hair school. I realized by this time that I enjoyed learning and being a student living in a college town. I prayed about going to college and got a resounding "yes." I enrolle…


I decided to start my new year by deactivating my facebook account and deleting instagram from my phone. It's been a necessary break the last 3 months. Since doing the social media purge I have found that I suddenly have more time on my hands! Whodathunk? I'm currently reading Sally Bedell Smith's "Elizabeth the Queen," I'm exercising more, and I'm dabbling in creative writing. I'm hoping that as I return to the digital social world over the next few months that I manage to strike a balance between keeping up with my friends who I don't see very often, yet not feeling the need to "keep up" with them, if you know what I mean.

Lastly, in the new year I am looking for more ways to enrich my life. SO, I'm going to London and Paris in May. Just booked my tickets last month! I'm going with a friend from work who has never been out of the country. I've already been to France and England, but I love England so much I could go again a…

2017 Reflections

This has been a pretty good year, probably a 7/10 on my scale.

Important events this year:

1. I graduated from college with honors. Whoop! Definitely a big milestone for me. A big, happy, wonderful, stressful, life-altering milestone. 7 months later I'm asking, "what's next?" Life is so much more straightforward when all my energy is put towards accomplishing a major task. Once the task is over I'm left feeling confused and purposeless. So...GRAD SCHOOL, YEAH!

2. I moved to Utah. This contributes positively towards my 7/10 scale because I am now living near family which is a huge blessing. It also contributes negatively because, well, now I'm living in Utah. My skin is parched, the air is toxic, the people don't know how to drive, and I've almost hit like 148359302 5 deer. So I guess that's just a neutral point on my scale.

3. I had my first teaching calling! Yikes! But in all honesty, I really enjoyed it. I'm now keeping my fingers crossed th…


Change has been on my mind a lot recently, probably due to the fact that I am living in Utah again. Some of the biggest changes and adjustments in my life occurred while living in Utah, such as moving out of my home of 18 years, living with people who weren't my family, interacting with a predominantly LDS population, paying bills, learning and studying with students who weren't my 2 older sisters, and attending church with only 18-30 year olds.
Some of these things have since become the norm. I'm so used to singles wards that when I occasionally attend a family ward, I feel like I'm sitting in a parakeet cage. Have kids always been that noisy? I'm not only used to taking classes with random strangers, I love it. And the bills? It's the one thing in life I can count on to be consistent.

I'm distinctly aware of changes in my appearance. Who knew that after 4 years I'd change so much? I try not to let it get to me, but it does. It's like I have a clo…

6 years

While decluttering my bookshelves this week, I discovered (and I suspect many others out there are guilty of this same thing) that I have about 5 different journals, and most of them are only half filled. So in an effort to consolidate, I've been transcribing my journal entries into Word and will probably put them all together into one of those self-publishing books you make make/order online (it's a tedious process, if anyone has any better ideas, please lemme know). 

Tonight I finished transcribing my journal that covered my first summer at Philmont and all of hair school. I can't help but laugh at some of the things I wrote as an 18-year old. Here are a few of my favorites:

"The past few weeks I have been working hard @ being nice."