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Things I did this year:

I'm amazed at how much has happened this year. I've traveled a lot! I can't believe my work manager was so patient and flexible with my crazy schedule.
First semester of grad school: check. So far it lives up to every expectation! It's a lot of work, but not necessarily hard work. I'm sure if I was studying nuclear engineering or something it'd be different. I spend a solid 20+ hours a week reading. Just. Reading. My eyeballs are gonna fall out of my head here pretty soon. 
I really love my classmates. We get along really well, and our discussions in class are so interesting. I go to class with the same 43 students every week, same buildings and classrooms. I don't actually feel like I go to BYU, just that I take classes there. I feel very disconnected from the wider campus community, but on the flip side I feel like all of my

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