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Summer 2018

Tomorrow is my first day of class at BYU grad school. This is me:

Orientation last Friday quelled my fears in some areas, but ignited fears in other areas. I feel comfortable already with the students in my program. I think people who go into the social sciences reach out to strangers often and are good at establishing a connection quickly, and I feel I've already made some friends in the program. I also feel less judged in this group of people, which is nice because it's easy to feel self-conscious at BYU.  I think I'm most scared of the three C's policy: three C's and you're cut from the program. I'm terrified that they are going to find me out, and to my utter shame and humiliation I'll be kicked out of school. But I don't necessarily wish that this program was easier. BYU has a reputation for churning out strong clinical social workers, and if I can make it through this program then I can make it through just about anything. 

I'm grateful th…

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