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I feel as if I've sort of ambled through life with the correct (albeit unexpected) path continuously laid before my feet. I can remember only a handful of definite markers guiding me in a certain direction. The first occurred when I was thirteen and I felt strongly that I should go to hair school. That feeling stuck with me all through high school and I never wavered from my decision.

The second occurred just before going to Philmont. I had been offered a position, Holly had not. I had to decide whether to go to New Mexico alone to work in the woods for a summer, and after serious prayer I felt I needed to go to Philmont. Thankfully, Holly did end up getting a job in the trading post and that summer turned out to be one of the happiest of my life!

The third happened when I was close to graduating hair school. I realized by this time that I enjoyed learning and being a student living in a college town. I prayed about going to college and got a resounding "yes." I enrolle…

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