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Stock Show, Recital, Dinner, Church....

So yesterday (Saturday) Scoutmaster, Madre an I met Caroline and Davybobby at the stock show. It was fun! We walked around and looked at all the livestock, watched a few shows. The goats show was my favorite. There were (of course) tons of old guys with cowboy hats and boots, walkin' around with their sons... oh. my. gosh. You would not believe how many truly hot farmer boys there were. I had no idea hicks could be so good looking!
Then I had the recital. We stopped by our church building before heading to the recital. I needed to practice and I couldn't use our keyboard. I needed something real (don't ask me why it makes a difference, a real piano just helps...). I was a total wreck and I even started crying! I felt like I wasn't doing Debussy's piece justice, like he'd be turning in his grave because it sounded so bad. Apparently it sounded OK at the actual recital. I managed to make Scoutmaster cry :p. Then we went to La Madelines for dinner with Sis. B (our …


Sometimes the home school life is just too sweet! Early this morning, Scoutmaster and Madre went hiking boots shopping. I could have gone, but.... sometimes, doing schoolwork in the car is not so fun. So I stayed home, did my work, and then I had the rest of the day home! Alone! It was so great. I played with makeup, and did some wacky stuff to me hair, and although this may sound like something little kids like to do, I do it to practice. See, I'm thinking about being a makeup artist. Not just girly makeup, but also the cuts and bruises kind. I think it would be so much fun! So I play with makeup a lot, try different stuff, just have fun... during that, Makiah called and she wanted to know if I would go with her, her sister, and Meggy to see Meet the Spartans. We wanted to go for the 5:30 but we got to the theatre/mall around 6:00. So we hung around the mall until 8:00 and then went and saw it. It was....okay. Some parts of it we were all dying it was so funny, my stomache is sti…


So yesterday I went shopping. I like to shop, but I like to keep it short. A long time in a store is no fun. Yesterday was sorta long, but I found the cutest freakin' dress in the whole world! How girly is this, I even took pictures to put on here. Now I have two summer dresses that I can't wait to wear! Of course I still have to find a shrug to go with it, because its sleeveless... isn't it so cute!? Ps. Did you hear about Heath Ledger? Total bummer, huh?

Snowed In

So Makiah loves to read these teen romance novels, and for a while all my friends made fun of her for it, saying they were trashy and stuff. But I went ahead and asked her to give me her favorites, and I'd read them to see what they were like. I hate to admit it buuuuuut I'm rapidly becoming obsessed with them. Their more entertaining than anything. And I can see why Makiah loves them so much. I recently read this one:

And it has to be my favorite so far! Its so funny, and its different from Rachel Hawthorne's (the author) other ones. I need more Makiah! MORE MORE MORE! :)

P.s For Caroline: They are cleaner than Eclipse will ever be!


Aren't these the wierdest? I got them at Platos Closet. They were totally cheap cuz no one was buying them (and I think I know why...) and I got them more as a joke than anything!

I love Texas...

Texas sunsets are always the best!

Week 1

Well, my first week back to school is over. This week felt so long. I memorized 30 Jellyfish, earthworm and snail terms, and the parts of a worm, for Biology. One word to describe biology: Ugh. Algebra really isn't that hard, I mean, some stuff I really have a hard time with, but most of it is just....tiring. My brain must get pooped out really easily. You know? History is easy, I read....and write some.... Vocabulary, easy. English=$%@#&%*!@$&#*@!!!!!!!!!! My English is like, waaaaaaaaaay behind, I freakin' hate it (it has nothing to with you Madre:) )! I really shouldn't be complaining, I get the feeling that my public schooled friends have to do a lot worse stuff.
Tomorrow is TAFA (Travis Academy of Fine Arts). Its like this huge baptist church where they have all these great classes for home schoolers. I'm doing choir. The real stuff. Hollyberry and Caroline went when TAFA was like, small and it was very different. Is has grown so much since then, its HUGE! …

My room

I have the hardest problem deciding where to place all my things in my room. I've put my bed against EVERY wall, at every angle, I've tried it in front of the door way (I like it best that way but Scoutmaster doesn't like it that way because it might create a fire hazard...) and in front of the window. Each way I put it I can't stand it! Right now its not in the doorway but right next to it, and by the end of the week (or tomorrow) it will probably have been moved to several different places again. Part of the problem is my desk. Its HUGE! I swear, whoever made it used the whole tree. And I don't know where to put it either. I think my favorite set up would be: Bed in front of the door (don't ask why I like it there...), dresser in the closet..... and no desk.....


So I'm homeschooled, at the moment I'm the only daughter living at home with my parents, my parents are both really busy, who've I got left to hang out with while my friends are at school? I got Scout, or Miss Jean Louise. We named her after the girl from To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout is the funniest dog in the world. She is also the biggest pain in the butt you'll ever meet, but we still love her. Although she can be a little stupid sometimes, shes smart enough to know how to play (I can't STAND dogs that don't know how to play, I thought it was programed into them to know how!...), and we have a few games that we play together pretty much everyday.

Scout is not my only pet. I have chickens, that scout simply LOVES to watch...and eat... I have an orange tabby, Pumpkin, another stray. We've had SO many of those. Madre is convinced that we have signs on our trees telling all hobo cats to come to our house. We have another cat, Boots, this one we got intentiona…

School.... duh duh duh!

School started again, and I was kind of scared to start again. I was sure I would have forgotten EVERYTHING I learned in the past few weeks, but I got by okay I guess. I had a pretty easy day. I spent most of the time doing schoolwork in the car, my parents, and dog, all went running errands and we went out to lunch. I'm definitely not looking forward to tomorrow though, I'm sure it won't be quite so easy.


So today was church. We changed the time that our ward meets and I have to get up at 6:00 in the morning to start getting ready, its CRAZY! Organ was bad today. I couldn't get the fingering right on this one hymn, it was super choppy. And then later while playing postlude, I messed up so bad all I could do was laugh! I have a new teacher, Sis. U. She is so great, somehow she could keep everyone quiet, and it was much less distracting. Madre gave a wonderful lesson in YW about God and Heavenly Father being two separate people, but being one in purpose, and how everyone are children of God, and that should change how we look at other people. It was very good, Mom, really :)

First Timer

So my friend and I decided to start a blogs, I was kind of hesitant at first cuz I wasn't sure who all was going to read it (besides my parents and that one friend), I'm still kinda unsure. You can check out one of my good friends blog, its I'm not quite sure where to start..... um, the members of my family are, Scoutmaster Bob (my Dad) or just the Scoutmaster, my Mom is Madre, my oldest sister is Caroline, her husband is JDog, and son (the CUTEST nephew in the world!) is DaveyBobby, and my other older sister is Hollyberry. I've been home schooled all my life....I own chickens..... I'm the organist at my church..... I'm almost 5 ft 7 in. ..... yep, pretty average! :)