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Can u tell im homshcoold?

I spent most of my time just trying to spell the countries, and the test wouldn't except just plain old "America"! I got all the ones you'd normally remember, Canada and Mexico and United Kingdom (it wouldn't take England, Great Britain, or Hogwarts for that one either). But I am proud of myself for remembering Guam, Zimbabwe, Czech Republic, and Belgium.





My Venturing Crew is going to Colorado to hike some mountains this summer, and I'm trying to get ready for it. I've never been a huge walker/runner/hiker or anything. I love yoga. I like to stretch and do things nice and slow, and that won't really help when I'm hiking up a mountain. So yesterday morning K and N picked me up and took me to Track with them. K and N are extremely athletic and they are always involved in some sport, usually running. Since the coach there LOVES it when new people come I thought I'd try it out. I was terrible. I ran around the track once and I quit. I thought I was going to barf, thats how out of shape I am. So I just sat on the bleachers with Meggy and we watched all the girls fly by. Megan and I agreed that we would do this sometime, just when we were in better shape. So after Track we went to K and N's house. They've now become our personal trainers, and they're going to get us in to shape!
I had a lot of fun! We walked ov…


Heres Dad. All by his lonesome....


"Today" we went hiking in Hana. Last night we went to the airport to pick up "package", which happened to be my cousin K. I had no idea she was coming and I was so excited! Nanny and Bop and my parents did a great job of keeping it a surprise, I never suspected anything!
So Saturday Morning we rented a Jeep to drive to Hana in. The road there is very windy, but jungly and really cool, so that was fun. We hiked a two mile hike ( I didn't complain once about my small lungs Jenna! And it was TWO MILES! :))

Its hard to see in this picture down below, but this hike had some amazing bamboo forrests!

Our favorite place....

I did a very bad job of blogging while I was in Maui, so I'll pretend like a was blogging everyday. Here's our first sunset in N K Resort. I took a panoramic picture of the view from our patio. Isn't it great?


Day 1 Greetings, from Hawaii! We made it. The flight was long, but definitely worth it. We landed, and the first thing I did was change. Just seven hours before we were in freezing weather. I'm serious. The day before it had snowed. So when we landed and got outside, it was so warm and nice, I just had to change into some shorts and flip flops. After getting some groceries from Costco, we headed to our favorite place, NK Resort! When you walk into the sign in building, straight ahead is your first view of the Bay. It is so pretty. It was really nice to see it again, and we (at least I did) had a hard time believing we were actually here again. Just two days before I was looking at the same scene, just on an online webcam. We got our things in our room, and went out to dinner. Nanny and Bop (Madres Mom and Step-dad) were waiting for us in the resraunt. It was really nice to see them, and have dinner. 
Day 2 I woke up at 5:00, which is actually pretty good! Its a four hour difference f…

4:30? Where are you Caroline!?

Today I had a babysitting job for a family in our ward, the W's. Caroline came earlier that day to drop Davey off because she had a meeting that she couldn't bring him to. She was supposed to be back at 3:00, but meeting running late + traffic = didn't get here until 4:30. And Sis. W came to pick me up at 4:00. Mom and Dad were running errands, so they couldn't watch Davy. I felt so bad for Caroline, she was probably all frazzled, and for Sis. W, though she kept saying it was no big deal. We worked it all out in the end. Mom and Dad managed to race home and get me to Sis. W's before Caroline got there. So Davy and I had all this extra time together, and what do you think we did? Took pictures of ourselves, and had a lot of fun. I'm actually kind of glad Caroline was late, I had a really nice time with Davy.