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I finally have pictures!


Youth Conference

Last weekend I had Youth Conference. It's definitely my favorite one. The theme was "the game of life" and they actually had a big game that they set up in the gym of the stake center. You start the game by getting a huge dice, and a card that tells you how your starting out your after high school life. I actually had some friends who were high school drop outs, did drugs and had no job! Fortunately, I went to seminary everyday, and I got a $2000 scholarship. I got my associates, and then they made me get married. The guy I got married to had been in my ward before so I knew him a little, and we got along great, and talked the rest of the day so that was good. The game was a lot harder than I thought it would be. You played just like the real game, just you were actually walking around and taking real steps. We ended up getting in debt real bad. By the end of the game, we had $300,000 in bank loans. We were constantly landing on things that said "your kid joined che…


I know you can have a song stuck up in your head, and bogo on the brain, and things like that. But is it normal to walk around repeating french in your head?


"la voiture est blanche...noir... bleu...jaune...rouge...rose..."

The list goes on with other simple French words and sentances...