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Yesterday Madre and Holly flew up to UT to look for some apartments for Holly to stay in when she goes back to school in the fall. They planned on staying overnight with some friends and then coming back in the morning. It's nice when family leaves for a day and its just Scoutmaster and me. We usually get hamburgers at his favorite burger place and run errands together. We didn't get hamburgers this time, but we did decide to see a movie that night. At 5:30 Jna-Jo and Sis. U picked me up for a baby sitting job. I love babysitting for the U's. Their house feels like a second home to me, and the kids are never hard. I got home around 8:15 and Dad got back a little after 9:00, just in time to see the 10:05 showing of Iron Man. I liked it! When I saw the preview I didn't think it would be something I would like. It looked kinda like a guy movie with lots of fighting and explosions (which it did have plenty!) but that was all right. I really liked it.


Seminary is over! Yeah! I liked Seminary, but I'm looking forward to a summer of sleeping in before going back!
Tonight is my Musical Extravaganza. I decided to be apart of it, and I can't wait! I'm still bummed that I can attend Davy's party, but I'll do something to make it up :)

Piano Competition...again...

This morning I had State Piano Competition. It's not really a competition. You just perform two memorized pieces for a judge and they tell you how well you did and what you need to work on, so it's more of a competition against yourself. The competition was all the way in San Marcos, and we had to get up at 5:30 this morning and carpool with some friends to get there. I was a klutz the whole day. Holly and I had gone to see Prince Caspian the last night (I liked it! Some parts I wasn't really crazy about, but overall, I thought it was better than the last one) and it was late when we got back, then I had to get up pretty early and I just couldn't manage to stay upright and walk straight the whole day. I must have dropped one by one everything I brought that day. I think the competition went well. To get my score (theres outstanding, superior, excellent, and good) I would have to wait two hours and I was definetly not going to be able do that, so they're going to m…

My two years are up!

Yes! That sharp metal contraption is gone! It feels like the the wire fence across my teeth was replaced with a thick layer of slime. I'll happily take the slime, they look a lot better than before :)

Mystery Scout Pants

About two or three weeks ago Scoutmaster went to a camp out, and came back (he claimed) with his scout pants on. Not wearing a different pair of pants, he was wearing his scout pants. He then claimed that he changed and put them in the wash, and then they disappeared... For the the past two or three weeks we've heard a lot of "has anyone seen my scout pants?" and "I know its unlikely that they'll be in there, but will all of you please check your drawers for my scout pants?". Later he promised he would take me and one other friend to Sonic if I found his scout pants. I starting looking everywhere. Every corner of every closet. In the camping stuff, even in the attic. Eventually I gave up, and Madre and I agreed he must have changed before he left the campsite and thats where his scout pants are. That or some other leader might have mistaked them for theirs and they must have them.
Last Tuesday while we were all watching the eliminations (we're addicted …


1 more month till Colorado! 
1 1/2 months until Florida!!
3 Months until girls camp!!!
4 months till EFY/California/BREAKING DAWN!!!!
8 months till Twilight Movie.....*sigh*

Decisions Decisons...

I've planned for a few months now to be a part of a musical extravaganza at TAFA. I don't have to do anything big. Just walk onto a stage in a fiddler on the roof costume and sing a song with a hundred other people. I've actually been a little excited. Mostly I wanted to do it because it is a pretty song, and I think it would be fun to be a part of the whole thing. We had completely forgotten though, about Davey's first birthday party coming up. Its the same night at the exact same time and there is no way I can go do my very small singing part with the other kids and then run back to Carolines and JDoggs for the rest of the party! I feel so bad! I don't think it would be a big deal if I told my choir teacher I couldn't be apart of the play because something came up, but I did sign up and I can't just say no because thats rude. But then I have to be Davey's favorite aunt and I can't miss his very first birthday party! Aaah! I'm still trying to p…