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The day after we got back from Colorado I went over to the U's to spend the night with Jenna. I ran upstairs to Jenna's room to find her lying on the floor. The first thing she said was, "Texas is so boring". We talked for a while about how it was only our first day back home and we were already craving mountains, rivers, rock climbing, and cold air. We both wondered how we ever stayed happy all those summers. What did we do? There isn't anything to do! Texas is so boring! On Friday I'll be going with the U's to Florida and I can't wait. It maybe just as flat in Florida, but there are beaches. Nice beaches.

Rocky Mountain Trip!

Yeah! We made it back alive! We were a little bruised, sore and tired, but we had so much fun and I can't wait to go on another trip next year! I'd love to have pictures of the things we did every day, but our camera crapped out on us our very first day. So I only have pictures of Sunday, Church. And Monday, Rock Climbing.
We visited the smallest ward I have ever seen. This was in Raton, New Mexico, with maybe 60 members. It was so small and so quiet!This was the bus ride to rainbow rock. We sang most of the way, and the guys on the bus hated it. I have to mention... we were the only girls in the whole camp! It was nice ;)
I tried to get a picture that really showed you how big the rock was. It was really nerve wracking up there.
Scoutmaster was the last to repel down for the day, I got to belay him down. You don't really do anything, just give the repeller some slack on the rope, then stand there and yell back and forth stuff like "Belay on!" and "Repel off!&q…

I'm a worry wart...

One more day until Colorado! I can't wait. All the wreathe selling and sonic cards worked. We had lots of complaining and sighing while we were fund raising, but I am sure we will all have a blast and it will have been worth it. I spent the whole afternoon yesterday packing. We have to take 1 duffle bag with all our clothes, shoes, and... stuff. Then a bring our backpack with our mess kit and pocketknife and things like that. I think the hike up to the campsite, stay overnight, and then hike back down will be the hardest part of the whole trip. I am probably the least out of shape of all the people going. I never do any kind of exercising, except for yoga, and I don't think all the yoga will have really helped. Maybe the "inhale, exhale" though. Thats another worry I have. I'm deathly afraid of getting high altitude sickness, along with everyone else. I live in Texas! I'm used to getting oxygen easily down here. I seem to have one thing or another I'm wor…