Rocky Mountain Trip!

Yeah! We made it back alive! We were a little bruised, sore and tired, but we had so much fun and I can't wait to go on another trip next year! I'd love to have pictures of the things we did every day, but our camera crapped out on us our very first day. So I only have pictures of Sunday, Church. And Monday, Rock Climbing.

We visited the smallest ward I have ever seen. This was in Raton, New Mexico, with maybe 60 members. It was so small and so quiet!This was the bus ride to rainbow rock. We sang most of the way, and the guys on the bus hated it. I have to mention... we were the only girls in the whole camp! It was nice ;)
I tried to get a picture that really showed you how big the rock was. It was really nerve wracking up there.
Scoutmaster was the last to repel down for the day, I got to belay him down. You don't really do anything, just give the repeller some slack on the rope, then stand there and yell back and forth stuff like "Belay on!" and "Repel off!" This was the wall we climbed. Thats Mini Muffin, I think. The wall was pretty hard to climb. Can you see that big crack just above her? She and was Twins were the only ones who could make it past the crack. I know, it looks so easy in the picture...


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