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Today was the Variety Show. It was so great! The girls I met yesterday asked me to help them prepare for a dance they were going to perform with two other girls (who are also a lot of fun). We went into this room where they all changed into dark clothes, and I helped attach glow sticks to them. At the performance, when they turned off all the lights, they looked like floating, glowing stick figures doing cool moves and tricks. It looked way cool. I will have to do that for a talent show someday.
At lunch all the guys stood in two lines on either side of the walkway to the pavilion, and sang songs while the girls all went and ate lunch first. It was so nice! Then before lunch, one of the counselors called all the girls into a chapel, and we all had to have a talking to for stuffing used girl stuff in the toilet paper holders. It was pretty gross sounding. But when she let us go eat dinner, we watched all the guys get up and leave their seats to sit on the grass and let us eat at the tab…

Game Night

Yesterday was Game Day, though we only played the games at night. I definitely think that the classes are my favorite part if EFY. I was sad that yesterday was the last day that we had them. I spent a lot of my time with a couple of girls I met. They are in my group, but we didn't really talk until yesterday. They are so much fun! And I got to meet all of their friends which are really fun to hang out with also.
Last night was, like I said, game night. Most of the games were... not the kind of games I thought we'd play, but I had fun anyway. Then we had the cheer off competition. I still don't know who won. Our skit went something like this:
Everyone stood in a big square and put up their hands like spires on a castle. And two guys stood at the front like doors. A group that made a "car" came rolling up and one girl hopped out and tried to use her cell phone, slide it in between the "doors" to open it. But since its a worldly thing it didn't work. …

EFY 1st and 2nd day

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures...
EFY is so much fun! I'm going with an old friend who used to live in TX, and a few of her friends. They are so nice and I'm having a lot of fun. The first day we just spent time getting to know our counselor and other girls in our group. My counselor is the best. Then we had our "getting to know your company" games, and we made a company cheer. We are the Keys of the Kingdom, and we made this cheer where we go "jingle jingle jingle!" at the end like we have keys. Ha ha! I thought it was SO funny...
You have to be escorted by a dude everywhere you go. It is AWKWARD. Just like dancing. I always seem to be the one who asks the questions so to make it non-awkward! There was only one escort I've really enjoyed talking to. Stewart. He is 14, but he looks like a 9 year old. No kidding! He is about 2 feet shorter then me, has white blonde hair that he slicks down nice and proper, and blue eyes. He also has a high voi…


Today I leave for EFY! I'm leaving straight from church to the airport, and I'll fly ALONE up to Utah. I haven't ever flown alone so I'm a little nervous. But I have flown about 50 billion times so I'm sure everything will be fine. I am so excited!

I must have taken the test wrong...

You Are Aurora! (A.K.A. Sleeping Beauty.)
Thoughtful and loving. Authority figures probably have been sheltering you all of your life. Thankfully you're a very tranquil person who is content with what life has given you, but secretly you want to know how the outside world works.
Which Disney Princess Are You?

I Did it! YEAH!


Home Again

I got home from Girls Camp and I have to admit, it was a lot better than I imagined and I will definitely go next year.
Today was church, and all went well. I wanted to have some friends over after, but I was caught talking during Sacrament Meeting so I was punished and unable to do anything with them. I decided to check all the blogs I normally check (I sound like my Mom!) and Sis. U had this very interesting collage of photos, and instructions to make one so I decided to try it. I spent two hours online today putting my little group of photos together, trying to decide which ones were "me" and which ones I liked, and when I went to put them on my blog, I couldn't figure it out! I still don't know what I did wrong! And I'm really angry now because I spent all that time putting them together, and I already exited out of my page to put them together on and I didn't save the code or anything and I'm so mad! Oh well :(

Still trying to get excited

Tomorrow is Girls Camp. I'm still trying to get excited. Its really hard to be excited for Girls Camp after last years bad experience. I'm craving real camping, with some scenery other than flat and brown.

I'm home

I'm home. Yea. I had such a great time in Florida and I'm so glad the U's took me! Two hours away from home we all agreed that we would drive all the way back again just to stay another week. We got back and my family was in CA so I stayed with a U's a couple more days, which was fun. We woke up in the morning to the smoke alarms going off, and I learned that if their was ever a fire at my house, I would probably not survive. I heard them go off and I didn't think twice about there being a fire or anything. I just put my head under the blankets and went back to sleep. I guess its time for the old fire safety lesson for FHE, huh? Next big thing I'm looking forward to is EFY in Utah! YEAH! After that I'm going to CA and I'm going to hike Baden Powell. I really looking forward to mountains again and a beach again :)

Florida Fun

Florida is so much fun. We were planning and using two days to get here, but we ended up just making it in one day. The very first day we went straight to the beach and Jenna and I barely got in the water, and we got stung. There have been jellyfish in the water all week, and they were everywhere at the beach we went to. We actually caught one (to see pics of all this week go to Sis. U's blog!) and Sis. U got a picture of it.
On Monday Jenna and I went to the beach around dinner time and we saw a shark! A BIG one! Bigger and Jenna or me. We've been reading up on Florida's shark attack records ever since. So far we've found out that bull, hammerhead, white tip, nurse and mako sharks are all common here. A while ago two teenage girls were out 200 yds. off shore and a bull shark attacked one of the girls and killed her. I haven't spent more than 30 seconds in water past my waist since I read any of these things...
Jennas big sister and brother in law came, and her siste…