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Would you rather:

Get ALL of this cool stuff!

A camera, an IPHONE! A malibu Pilates Chair (I've wanted on ever since I watched the info-mercial), a radio that goes in your shower, a CHI straightener and MORE!!! Anything you could ever want!


Do what all my friends tell me to do: go to Europe! See all the old castles and famous paintings and statues.


Go scuba diving through these really cool underwater caves in Mexico.


Go somewhere all outdoorsy and fun. Camp. Rock climb. Hike. River raft. Everything I did in CO.

All of these things (not sure about the Mexico trip, but maybe) are options for my 16th birthday trip. I could also go to Hawaii, but we go there periodically anyways, I might as well wait a few years. An Iphone would be so much fun (my friends will be so jealous hee hee!)! Europe for me might be boring. I'm not the art/history kind of person. I don't enjoy museums. But it seems as if Europe is where everyone wants to go. They want to see the old stu…
So this morning was TAFA. Madre and Scoutmaster had to go up to UT to attend a funeral, so the B's had to give me a ride. We got rear-ended on the way. Totally the other guys fault. There was a little bit of screaming. And then some "that guy is so retarded! He better pay to get our car fixed!" and after we pulled into a gas station to sort things out, they all got out to go hug the car. Everyone was fine. But poor Holly and Caroline were stuck at the house when our insurance people called and told Holly that "Emma had been in a car accident". Holly and Caroline flipped, and Holly was having visions of me in a stretcher with a neck brace and bandaged face. Fortunately, I only got a headache :)

How I Spent My Morning

It took 2o tries before I got it. And it's tiny.


Aaaaaaah! School is almost here. Seminary starts in a couple weeks. I'm sort of excited. I love seeing my friends every morning. And on Wednesdays I see them twice! But our new teacher doesn't do doughnut day! How can I ever survive! And then there is the common complaint teenagers always whine about: It's so EARLY!
TAFA started yesterday. I'm doing Treble Choir (all girls), and it starts at nine in the morning. Which means we have to leave the house at 8:15 to get there on time. I get back from Seminary at SEVEN! I only have an hour to get ready, which is SO not enough time. TAFA has become a lot like public school I think. The girls there are so much more public school like! They care way more about there clothes and hair then they ever did. There's even a boyfriend/girlfriend thing going on! One thing you almost never hear though is swearing. Most of them are nice people, but there are a lot more popularity clique-ness going on. It's unfortunate. And it is we…

Highlight of Week in CA (for me)

This is one of my favorite pictures of when we were in CA.

Home Again

I feel like the number one most used title for my posts are "Home Again". I have left and then come home just to leave again so much this summer, and I'm sad that CA was my last fun summer thing. I also feel like school is starting now. I have to read 25 pages of Jane Eyre everyday! And I know 25 pages does not sound like a lot but I'm starting not to like that book. She uses 50 huge words I have never heard, in just one sentence! Why can't they just talk the normal way?TAFA starts on Monday. Hooray! English Class starts on Thursday :( I am terrible at English. I failed. I still fail. I've never liked, I've never learned it. And I have start learning it with the strictest teacher ever. Grrrr.

"California! California! Here we cooooooome..."

We made it. And I'm already having a great time with Jenna. This morning we went to the beach, and we saw a SQUID! It was only about a foot long, but it was still huge to me. It washed up on shore and some dude went and put it back in the water before we could get a picture :( it was very exciting.


So I changed my mind a little. I talked with a few people who said, skip the first half of The Host, then read the rest. I felt like Breaking Dawn was the same way. The first bit I really didn't like and I thought it was so dumb so I wasn't even going to keep reading. But I made myself finish it and I decided that the ending is alright.
Tomorrow we are getting up at four and will hopefully get on a flight home, just to wash our things and re-pack, pick up Jenna and leave for CA. We may have to get on a flight to Chicago, THEN fly to TX. Adding up all the flying I'll be doing, I could be more than halfway to Hawaii. Ugh.

Last Day :(

Yesterday was the last day at EFY. I was so sad to leave, I met a lot of really cool people and had so much fun! I took lots of pictures, so when I get home I will post them on here.
Madre finally got on a flight yesterday to come out here and get me. But the flights are bad on Sunday, so we are leaving Monday, picking up Jenna and leaving Tuesday for CA, which I am slowly getting excited about. I haven't been preparing for climbing a mountain. You'd think I would have learned my lesson by not being prepared for CO, but noooo...
Last night I went to the midnight release of Breaking Dawn. So not worth it. It is the dumbest ending to a great story, and I am so disappointed. Hmph.