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My 4's

Rules: *post rules on your blog *answer the "4" items

4 Things I Did Yesterday: *Watched a lot of TV *Went Surfing *Went out to dinner with family *Washed clothes

4 Things I Look Forward To:

*Seeing Twilight with my sisters *Christmas *My birthday *Going shopping for shoes when we get home

4 Restaurants I Like:

*The Admiral Risty *Captain Kidds *In N' Out *Tommy's 
4 Things On My Wish List: (in no particular order)

*A phone to replace the one I lost :( *Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox *Artemis Fowl (the first one) *Egg Nog
4 Favorite TV shows:
*Dancing With the Stars *The Office *Survivor  *Spongebob
Whoever reads this, consider yourself tagged :)


I have mixed feelings. I'm still unsure what to think. I liked it, but then I am a little disappointed. I had the feeling if someone had never read the book, they would a hard time following the movie. Although the Edward they had was nothing like MY Edward, I thought they picked a good one. He did a really good job of making it look like he really wanted to eat Bella. Bella got on my nerves. But then she got on my nerves in the book too, so I guess she did a good job of being annoying. Over all..... I think I liked it. I really want to watch it again, pick things up I missed before. A while back Caroline gave this post, about The Host. I decided to give it a try and after the first four chapters I began to like it! There were some times where Meyer went on and on and on and it was all pointless by the end of her rant, but overall I really liked it. I might look at it differently if I were an english major like Caroline. I definitely think cutting it in half would have butchered it…

The Dance

This one we were joined with another stake. And it was really small! Everyone fit in half the gym. We were told by our ward leaders to wear a dress or slacks, and slacks for the guys. So here is us looking all nice and dressed up:
Then we got to the dance. WHAT!? Why is everyone wearing jeans!?

So the S ward was the only ward dressed up. Thankfully not many noticed. Jenna, Makiah and I spent quite a bit of our time watching "Twilight Guy". He was really cute, AND he was wearing a Twilight shirt! You gotta love a guy who likes Twilight!

What I Listened to Today

Madre is out of town, so I get to spend some time with Caroline and Davy! This is what I heard today:

"bldhf rtyu guhao shyush goggy"

"reflyjda fhgkalek a s goggy"

"kkjskd skwura GOGGY!"

"Hi goggy! Hi goggy! Hi goggy!"

"goggy goggy goggy goggy goggy goggy goggy goggy goggy..."

"babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi babi"



Halloween Pics

There were a couple girls who had seen the dress before I ripped and dirtied it. They were horrified to see what I had done.

Yo Bama

Every week some great friends of ours, the B's, give me a ride to TAFA. Well I was with them on the way to TAFA on Monday, and Livvy (a nine year old I might add) suddenly announced,

"Oh my gosh! I am so nervous!"

"Why?" we all asked.

"Because tomorrow is the election!"

I thought that was so hilarious. Like a nine year old should be worrying about the election...
Well, I changed my mind. Maybe nine year olds should be worrying. Maybe EVERYONE should be worrying.


LAst night was definitely the quietest halloween we've ever had. I went with my family to the trunk or treat dressed as a sort of corpse bride. Madre was wrapped all up in webs, like she had been attacked by Shelob or something. It was pretty good! Sis. B was the BEST I have to say. She was Sarah P. and she looks just like her! After that, my friends in Cross Country were going to be presented on the field at the Boswell vs. Saginasty game so I had to go see them. I never actually saw them. Bummer. They were hardly presented! The drill team did Thriller which was awseome. I spent quite a bit of my time just trying to find Jenna, who was convinced I was going to be kidnapped and wondered why I ever went alone. I didn't know high schools were so dangerous! ;) Pioneers won 30-something to 17. Wahoo!
I will have pictures... someday. We don't have a camera. Our last two broke with the same problem. Let me take this time to tell whoever reads this: NEVER GET A NIKON CAMERA. They …