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Something I hate...

I LOVE going into the mall, big smile, expressing my glee and practically running into forever 21. I ooh and aah at all the racks and tables piled with buckets of glorious, shiny jewelery. I HATE walking out without that little plastic, cheery yellow bag with big black block letters FOREVER 21 printed on the bottom. I feel empty handed and disappointed, and I can't enjoy the rest of the mall. It's the strangest feeling. I get HUGE jealousy pangs when I see other girls wandering around toting their forever 21 bags. Today I had to endure 3 hours of walking around the grapevine mills mall without my yellow bag :( I was in line to get this ADORABLE necklace, when Madre and Caroline strolled in and stopped me in my tracks. "It's clunky" were the first words out of their mouths. IT WAS NOT! It was delicate, gold chain with little colorful beads and charms gathered on a small ropey hoop at the bottom. Very in, very cute. And it wasn't going to me mine.

Why So Serious!?

A very big chunk of my Sunday was spent doing wacky things to my face with makeup. I am 15, almost 16, and I LOVE playing with makeup. Is that normal?

My Date With Edward

Don't we make a cute couple?

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas went very well I think. Every Christmas Eve we have crawfish bisque, from Papadeaux's, and it tastes so good. Caroline and JDogg and the little squirt spent the night with us, and we opened presents around 8 in morning. I GOT THE BOOK! I can't wait to finish it! And I got a CAMERA! That is HUGE for a christmas gift, and I am super excited to use it more. I will finally be able to post pictures on all my blog posts! Scoutmaster and JDogg both got remote control airplanes. Dad's was actually a helicopter. They love them and are SO easily entertained with them :)

As soon as breakfast, presents and "family time" was over, we all went out separate ways, and Holly dug in to her new book (I got her the Artemis Fowl book)

The little guy wandered around yapping and playing with the dog and his new toys in this little hat Holly got him. Isn't he so cute!?

JDogg really likes his plane. I wish I got some pictures of it flying.

Madre prepared dinner almost the w…


Yes! It is all over! I accompanied twice today, and Holly and I played a special arrangement of Silent Night for the closing song. Mostly Holly played the special arrangement. I played the organ while she played a very difficult piano part. I did play chimes on the organ though. I loved it! And Holly did and amazing job, I think it was really nice. I feel exhausted having to learn that much in three weeks. Even though it's plenty of time, I can't always use that time to practice. I am absolutely sure I had help up there while playing, and I am so grateful for that. Now I all need to worry about it finishing homework and getting a few last minute presents.


One More Week!

I'm dyin! One more week till christmas! I just finished reading the fifth Artemis Fowl book again, and now I can't wait to read the sixth! I could just go to the library and borrow it, but the whole world knows that the only thing I asked for is the 6th book, so I am waiting, forcing myself to wait, until christmas to see if I get it. If not, I'll buy it.

I am also hugely in love with the poster:

I've hinted to Jen (who has this poster) that I REALLY like it, and it would look great with my collage of other photo's of cute guys, and christmas is coming up and... it's at walmart, bin 30, very bottom right corner, $4.99. Love ya ;)

Of course gift giving is not the only reason I love christmas. I love the fact the everyone focuses on Jesus, and everyone celebrates His birth. I love reading about His birth every christmas morning, and really discussing it, talking about how grateful we are for Him. That and my whole familia is together :)

Busy Busy Busy

At least I FEEL extremely busy. I know there are plenty of others that are so much more stressed than me (mostly thinking of homework loaded friends). It's that wonderful and dreaded time of the year. I've been loaded up with christmas music to learn. I hate it when people just assume that because the organ is my calling , it is also my calling to accompany everyone in the ward when they want to sing something. I always say yes, because I can't say no.

This week I had two all day rehearsals, and two performances. I performed with my Treble Choir in the TAFA showcase of course, and with all the choirs combined and the band at the end. We messed up so many times while all singing together. They switched a song on us, and we never really new what we were singing next so when to stand up... it was a nightmare. But the next performance at this big Presbyterian was great! The sound was amazing, all the soloists did great, the organ was beautiful. Only bummer was the cricket tryin…

Jen's party...

...was so much fun! The Velcro wall was AWESOME, though often painful. Jen has so many friends, it's crazy. I watched the worst horror film EVER and I liked it! Jen loved the mirror ball I got her :) yea! I can't for the next sweet 16. Probably K and N's.

Here's Jen and I goofing around with the helium balloons (taken by Sis U. :)


Not the white hollister one, but I like it! And its soft, and cozy and warm. "Yummy" as my family would say. It was $43.29.

Nice to know

I know absolutely nothing about art, philosophy, religion, economics and literature. Strange...

There Are 2 Gaps in Your Knowledge

Where you have gaps in your knowledge:



Where you don't have gaps in your knowledge:






Do You Have Gaps in Your Knowledge?


That was really fast! I still feel like I should be getting ready for halloween. I can't wait for christmas! For the first time ever, I'm not scrambling trying to think of something to get for the person I picked this year. Being the ward organist, I've been given a stack of christmas music to prepare for accompanying people throughout the ward. Fun fun...
My TAFA performance is coming up! I really want Jenna to go. I've now been to her Spring Dance, two violin recitals, and a swim meet. Now it's her turn to come watch me perform. Any one who wants to go is welcome!
About two months ago Mom started this new allowance for me, to buy my own clothes. It's really make me think about things I need, and places I can get them without spending a ton, and I'm pretty pleased after each of my shopping trips. Well, now I really need a jacket. Something thats thick, and nice and soft, and really comfy. I'm being very picky about it. I have looked in Ross, Marshals, Ta…