Thursday, February 21, 2008

To: J

I remembered J!...

One time when Caroline, J and davey were over for dinner, J and I were talking about dreams that we've had. And I think I was describing one that I couldn't wake up from, and I really didn't like this dream, I think I was stuck somewhere surrounded by people or something. Anyways, J just said, "Anytime I'm in a battle or fighting something, I just say I need a LightSaber, and all of the sudden I have one and I can beat the other people! It works every time". Well, I remembered that today, and I even thought of it while I was dreaming. Which is not very often, it's really rare for me to be able to think for myself while I'm sleeping and control my dreams, but I know its happened. In this dream that I had today, I realized I was dreaming, and for whatever reason I didn't like the people around me, so I just thought "J said to 'ask' for a lightsaber". So I did, and poof! I had one, and I was so excited cuz it worked! I started screaming and waving around my green lightsaber, and I (gosh darn it) woke up.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend my friends and I planned a birthday party for Meggy. Because of everything that happened this past week, we thought that her birthday might be a little overlooked. Not forgotten, just not what a birthday should be. So we planned party: At 2:00 Sat. she came over and we watched Sydney White. A movie she had never seen. After that we surprised her with Chili's. I think Chili's was her favorite. She was really happy, and her normal self while we were all together. We went to a Chili's inside a mall, so afterwards we could go shopping with her. She got a generous ammount of *cha-ching* $$$$$ from some people in the ward, and she spent it all that night. Then we went to K and N's house and watched a movie. Actually... we didn't really watch it. We had had way too much sugar at Chili's, and we were on a sugar high. So we ended up just wrestling and throwing pillows at each other. K and N's parents quickly shoved us out of the house, and we went home early. We had a great night!

Holly came home for the weekend! And can you guess why:? To get her teeth cleaned. Wierd, huh? This morning was church. It was good. Afterwards, Meggy really wanted to do something again, so K and N and I (me) went over to her place. We played wii tennis. It was so much fun! You're actually involved in the game, and its a lot funner. I can see wii getting addictive, though.

movie, chili

Friday, February 15, 2008

What a day eye wasted...

So I'm sitting in Holly's empty bedroom, with a camera. I'm bored spitless. What do I do? I start taking pictures of my eyes, and some actually look pretty cool, so I start taking more, and then I decide that later I'll do a little photoshop-ing on them. It was fun! Except that you were left momentarily blind after each take because of the flash.

The last one was only enhanced a wee bit, aint it per-dee?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big Shocker

Last Saturday one of my best friends older brother was shot in the middle of the night. I went and visited her and the morning, and she was really upset. I felt (and still feel) really bad for her, and I really wanted to be there for her. I was planning on going to the funeral as soon as they announced it, but I was NOT planning on playing the organ for the service...

How. Nerve. Wracking.

I wasn't mad that they asked me, I should have expected it. Organists frequently get asked to accompany, and perform for different church related stuff. I always say "piano/organ is a blessing, as well as a curse."

It was so quiet, so everyone was listening, and if I made one very small mistake they would all hear it. I wanted this to be perfect! I mean, this is someones funeral! And I don't want people remembering it as "geez, the organist sucked!". So I was shaking really bad, and worrying about everything, and i was hyper-aware (is that a word?) of everyone sniffing and moving in the congregation, which was a TON. There were people from the very front of the chapel all the way to the back against the stage in the gym. There were definately a few hundred people there, and I was REALLY nervous.

I got through it allright. Madre had it worse, she had to sing! But she sang beautifully, and she got a lot of people to cry, without crying herself! GO MOM!

Friday, February 8, 2008

To: Caroline

Just for you Caroline...

Ps. Caroline was complaining in the comments that Josh needed a haircut, which those were actually older pictures, so yea, he's cut his hair.... I actually think it looked just (mighty actually) fine longer....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Confession (or Obsession)

Ask any of my friends, they'll tell you. Its no secret, I make it way too obvious. my biggest ever obsession: Josh Hutcherson. OMGosh OMGosh OMGOSH!!!! In my free time I check out his latest pics, news, movie updates, everything. I even check the weather report for Union Kentucky! When I'm with my friends at a book store, we go over to the magazines and they make fun of me while I tear through teen magazines looking for articles about him. It doesn't take very long to find one (I usually start hyperventilating and my friends all roll their eyes), I swear, I could recognize his face from a mile away. A few months ago I moved into another empty bedroom in the house. And in my old room I had this great collage of magazine clippings, pictures, and posters that I stuck to the back of my closet door. And in the center of all of these pictures was 7 or 8 good pictures of Josh. I'd spend a good amount of time each day just staring at the pictures. Sometimes, when I'd go to pick out something to wear for that day, I'd ask him what he thought... Unfortunately, they collage had to go, it was too difficult to move to my new closet door.

I know there are other girls obsessed like me (ahem, makiah...), and to prove it: almost all my friends have an obsession for Edward Cullen (AHEM! Makiah...)– AND HE'S NOT EVEN REAL!– anytime we are all in the car together, someone will always see a silver volvo, and they'll scream "its Edward!" while pointing in the direction of the car. The girls go berserk, and we spend the next 20 min. talking about Jacob, Bella, and "eeeeeeeeeeeeedwarrrrd!". It's crazy....

Saturday, February 2, 2008


So you're always hearing about those people who "just want some darn peace and quiet!". I'm definitely not one of those people. I guess I used to be, but ever since Holly and Caroline went away and Dad working n' all, it's been pretty quiet around here, and I don't really like it. It's so.... unnatural. Peace and quiet probably should be natural, but I think people have gotten obnoxiously loud over the years, so now loud seems to be pretty natural. I usually have a TV on, or an iPod glued to my ears, or some sort of electronic buzz going on. I've noticed that I sing a lot when no body is home. Really loud. Like this morning I was belting "No One Mourns the Wicked!" while listening to my Ipod. Maybe to fill the empty air? I don't know.