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King Tut, Sam Moon, and lots of fun!!!

This morning and I went and saw the King Tut exhibit in Dallas with Sis. C, and Joy Is My Goal. SO COOL!!! I loved it. Egypt and Greece, and occasionally American History (I know, I am pretty bad) are the only subjects in history I can really stand. I LOVED Ancient Egypt. So it was really neat to see all the artifacts and things taken from tombs. Sometimes I had a hard time wrapping my head around it. There was so much gold! I have never seen so much. Tut had a mirror case that was made entirely of gold. How weird... anyways, I really enjoyed it.

Afterwards, we went to Sam Moon. Aaaaaaahhhhh bliss... I love sam moon. I found this purse that is very similar to one I almost bought while shopping in CA with Jenna and her aunt. It was super cute, and $30 and I wanted it so bad. I could have bought it, and I wish I had, but for some CRAZY reason I didn't. So today I saw this one and it reminded me of it, so I bought it. Madre got one almost exactly like it, but black and white.

I also go…

A day off. Yeah!!!

I love getting days off. I still had TAFA, but TAFA is fun so I didn't mind. After TAFA Rebecca came over and I did her hair and makeup before we went to the movies. Rebecca is one of the funniest persons I know. She met this guy in CO, and after hanging out with him for a day and a half before he had to leave, she got his email and number. Up till a couple weeks ago he had been returning her calls pretty consistently. All that time they managed to keep up, and they only hung out for a day! Well Rebecca has been a little miffed he hasn't been re-texting her. So while I was showing her my facebook, I wondered if maybe he had one. We typed his name in the little search engine and scrolled down the line of people with the same name, scanning the pictures until–AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH THERE HE IS THERE HE IS OH MY GOSH HE IS SO CUTE AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH MAKE THE PICTURE BIGGER I WANT TO SEE!!!!– Rebecca literally fell out of her chair and was hyperventilating. We sent him a friend request …

Why I Love Home Schooling

I LOVE being home schooled. I love taking everything at my own pace, getting a decent breakfast before having to start the day, wearing whatever I want (even pj's, but Mom usually gets on to me about that one), and not being worried about looking perfect for everyone. I love being with my family ALL day, and being able to take breaks to go out to lunch, or just a run an errand with Dad. I love having a teacher that knows me, and the best way for me to learn. She knows my weaknesses and problems, and so she can best help solve them with me. Sometimes I feel like I am not learning as much as my friends, but I do know that what I learn will stick with me longer. I don't have to cram for a test, or memorize a list of words just to forget them the next week. If I am taking the same classes as the kids at school, just at home, I am learning the same stuff as them. Since I can go at my own pace, I can finish really early. Sometimes before lunch. And then I have the whole day to work …

Movies with Mom

I just saw Bride Wars with Madre, and I loved it! Everyone keeps saying it was predictable, but I didn't think so. Madre says I just haven't seen enough chick flicks. Oh whatever! I have totally seen enough chick flicks. I am a GIRL, I have probably seen too many :)
I never would have thought to put Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson together, but I think they worked great together! I really enjoyed it.



We found it!!!

You know how some people sing in their sleep? Well I don't actually SING but, yesterday morning I woke up and hearing this crazy song the DJ played at the New Years Eve dance. It was like it was stuck in my head, and I just woke up thinking about it. Wuh-EEEERD! So anyways, I went to seminary still singing it. All I could remember was the chorus: a bunch of people singing "Woah. Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh oho, wuh-oh ooooh oh!". I sang it for all the kids in my class, and none of them could tell me what it was. I went throughout the WHOLE day singing "woah oh oh oh..." and finally texted Jenna and asked, "Hey, you know that song that they played at the dance? It goes "Woah. Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh." It's driving me crazy I don't know where to find it!" She texted back saying she couldn't understand my oh's. I got so wrapped up, I even I wrote the notes out on a blank piano score, took a picture of it on my phone, and s…

New plans

So I guess my plans to be first on the new YW recognition plaque didn't really work out... oh well. I will get there sometime! R got the spot instead, and she is going to get me to buckle down and work hard! R has volunteered to take up the responsibility of helping me, and I am giving her my book tomorrow to look over. She says she is going to make me reminders and everything. Sounds good to me! I MUST get it done before the end of Feburary or else I have to do the new value. And then my personal progress would NEVER get done.

Church was good. I Goofed on the organ... made a fool of myself... the norm.

I am in a new sunday school class, which I love. I think I like it because of the kids in it. They are WAY older than me, but they are nice and cool. Last week I almost ended up staying in the same class. My older friends started to leave me, when the teacher said "I think you might be in that class too." Wahoo! That's good enough for me! So I grabbed my stuff and ran o…
Jumping back into the school schedule is always hard. I started out this week with a math test. BAD IDEA. I failed. Never go two weeks math free, then expect to remember everything you learned 3 weeks ago, and ace a test. After I took the test, Madre decided for my math the rest of the week, I would just review what happened where I left off. Pretty easy. I finished health! YES! No more stupid health... Geography is pretty easy right now. I have memorized all of Africa, Europe, and I am working on Asia. My English teacher called in a couple days ago. Class was canceled. Apparently she is sick, and I hope she takes her time getting better. Slow and steady wins the race... so she sent assignments via email; hardly anything. So this week was practically a breeze! I love it when that happens, and I wish my friends didn't have so much work.

My parents left for Washington this morning. They are attending a funeral, so Caroline and Davy came to babysit me again. I really like having Carol…

One Year Anniversary

It's been one year since I started this blog. I decided to start one coming home from the new years eve dance. Megan and Makiah and I were riding together, and we all agreed to start blogs. Madre thought it would be funny if I created a blog that sort of went with Jenna's. So Average Teenager, since Jenna's was Not so Average Teenager. She has since changed it, but I have decided to keep mine the same.
A lot of cool stuff has happened this year, and I am really grateful that I had something that I enjoyed doing, and resulted in a super easy, detailed journal.
I spent sunday night reading all my previous posts. A lot of pretty neat stuff happened this year! Hawaii... I got my braces off... Colorado... FLORIDA!... EFY, got my very first C.O.W!... CA with Jenna. Breaking Dawn and Twilight were two HUGE events I was looking forward to. Now it's all over, I can't wait for this year.

Our next big Venturing adventure I am looking forward to is South Padre Island. I can'…

Enchanted Rock

I wish I actually had some pictures of Enchanted Rock, but my camera started warning me before we even got to the camp that I was running out of battery. But I do have pictures of the way there!

It sure doesn't look like a big enchanting rock would be anywhere near here. But it popped up about an hour away from here.

I read Breaking Dawn almost the whole time. It is a tradition to read one of the twilight books on the way to a camping event now. I love it.

We hiked up The Rock at night this time. We wanted to see the stars, but unfortunately the clouds came when we got to the top. It was much easier to trip, stumble, fall or break our necks, but we survived. I think it is easier going at night, when you can't see the summit and "ugh" when see how much farther you have to go.

Jenna and I shared a tent that night, as usual. I can't think of a single time where Jenna and I weren't buddies doing everything together at a campout. We were tent buddies all last year and…

New Years Eve Dance

My first event where I could use my camera, and I forgot it! Aaaah well... The dance was great. It was packed, the DJ played some really good songs, and all my friends were there! We saw Twilight Shirt Guy again, and Blue Shirt Guy too, who Makiah swears is a spitting image of the kid in The Wonder Years. Halfway through the dance I spotted this one guy who looked just like Skandar Keynes, who is another one of my celebrity crushes. He played Edmund in The Chronicles of Narnia. Super. Cute. And for about 5 slow songs all my friends kept shoving me towards him telling me to ask him to dance. It is the most nerve wracking thing I have ever done! I feel SO bad for the guys. The amount of courage it takes to ask someone to dance is just so huge. It seems so strange that asking someone to spin around and talk for a while would be hard, but it is. Well I finally got around to asking him at the next girls choice. I made a complete fool of myself, and probably will never do it again, but I wa…