Enchanted Rock

I wish I actually had some pictures of Enchanted Rock, but my camera started warning me before we even got to the camp that I was running out of battery. But I do have pictures of the way there!

It sure doesn't look like a big enchanting rock would be anywhere near here. But it popped up about an hour away from here.

I read Breaking Dawn almost the whole time. It is a tradition to read one of the twilight books on the way to a camping event now. I love it.

We hiked up The Rock at night this time. We wanted to see the stars, but unfortunately the clouds came when we got to the top. It was much easier to trip, stumble, fall or break our necks, but we survived. I think it is easier going at night, when you can't see the summit and "ugh" when see how much farther you have to go.

Jenna and I shared a tent that night, as usual. I can't think of a single time where Jenna and I weren't buddies doing everything together at a campout. We were tent buddies all last year and in CO, and bunk buddies at girls camp. I am sure this year will be no different. Neither of us got much sleep, because the wind started howling in the middle of the night. But R, and Jenna and I still got up at 6 or 7 the next morning and practically ran back up the rock again to try and catch the sunrise from the summit. We were pretty close to the top when the sun started to peek over the horizon, it was spectacular. Definitely beats going up at night, apart from the knowing how much longer it was till the summit, and seeing how steep the incline was.

When Jenna, R and I got back, we ate, packed up camp, and headed out of the campsite, and down the dry river bed to play capture the flag. It was so much fun! One team hid and patrolled among some rocks, and then the other near some tall, dry plant things. You could easily hide in them. My team one the first round, and we never finished the second round. We were in the rocks, and at one point we completely abandoned our spot and ran out to the other team to get them. One of the leaders sprained an ankle running off a rock, and then obviously couldn't walk on it. S, his daughter, and I stayed behind with him while the rest of the crew packed up and headed off to find someone who could pick him up in a gator. They left a walkie talkie with me, and a few minutes after they left, R came in through the walkie talkie and announced that a troop of varsity scouts were coming to get him.
"Aaaw CRAP!" was the first thing I thought. MY HAIR! I looked like crap, and my hair looked like I was electrocuted. Not long after, they came running (no kidding, they were RUNNING) out to rescue him. They were so enthusiastic! They started trying to make a splint for him, and he refused that just telling them to help him walk. So instead they just picked him up and carried him all the way. It was very fun to see.

Overall, it was a good experience, and the girls and I discussed maybe faking a broken ankle next time :)


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