Jumping back into the school schedule is always hard. I started out this week with a math test. BAD IDEA. I failed. Never go two weeks math free, then expect to remember everything you learned 3 weeks ago, and ace a test. After I took the test, Madre decided for my math the rest of the week, I would just review what happened where I left off. Pretty easy. I finished health! YES! No more stupid health... Geography is pretty easy right now. I have memorized all of Africa, Europe, and I am working on Asia. My English teacher called in a couple days ago. Class was canceled. Apparently she is sick, and I hope she takes her time getting better. Slow and steady wins the race... so she sent assignments via email; hardly anything. So this week was practically a breeze! I love it when that happens, and I wish my friends didn't have so much work.

My parents left for Washington this morning. They are attending a funeral, so Caroline and Davy came to babysit me again. I really like having Caroline come, she is so much fun, I love her. We went to Jdogg's familia's place and hung out a little. Then Caroline and I went and visited one of her really good friends. I enjoyed that a lot. She had another friend there baking a cake, so I loved watching her prepare for that. And Caroline's friend is so nice and fun, I really enjoyed listening to their conversations. Some of it went right over my head. But I have learned DO NOT ASK. All it does is leave you feeling sick...

And I decided that getting older and going to "the old ladies" (Relief Society) wouldn't be SO bad. Maybe it could be fun. I always thought RS was just about sewing quilts for hospitals, or having book group, and talking about your kids and how smart they are. But now I think it's just the same as when I am with my friends, just the RS talk about more serious things too. I don't know, maybe I will just have to wait and see :)


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