Saturday, March 28, 2009

First Date

Last night I went on my very first date!!! But it was a blind date. Blegh. I like knowing who it is, it's so much less stressful. It was stressful for me because I was afraid it was someone I didn't even know, and I don't make conversation very well, and it would just be awkward... Well I was dying to know who my date was, and I did find out before the actual date, which I kind of feel bad about. Someone who knew, told someone who told someone who etc... told me. So I calmed down QUITE a bit :)
I went with Anthony, this CRAZY guy, but he was very gentlemanly and nice :) Also there was Rebecca + Sam, and Garrett + Carly. We went out to eat, and then went to Garrett's place and played Apples to Apples, pool, and watched a movie. I had a ton of fun!
Next time, I would really like to know who my date is, and I want Jenna to be there. I always imagined Jenna being there on my first date. Next time then!!!

Also yesterday I picked up an application for a lifeguard position at the rec center. Preparing for my first job, and my first date all in one day. I am getting old FAST!....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'M 16!!!!!!

Yea I am sixteen!!!! I feel so old. But really....16's not that old. Just a little over a decade and a half.

Last night was prom. I was so stressed and running behind and freaking out, I didn't grab a camera OR a phone on my way out the door. So please excuse my lack of pictures.

I hardly slept the night before. I was stressing out about my hair, my legs being so freakishly white, and being too dressed up and too many other things to mention... thankfully my hair turned out pretty good if I may say so myself :) my legs were vampire white, but there was nothing I could do about that (stupid weather hiding all my sun). And there were tons of girls WAAAAAY more dressed up than me so no worries there.

I danced with a guy Jenna and I thought looked just like a Jacob Black and would you believe it, his name is Jacob!!!! We had a good conversation and he was really nice, so I had a lot of fun!
I rode on an automated bucking bronco. So. Fun. The girls had to change into scrubs, or put sweats on underneath their dress in case it flew up as you flew off the bull. I wish I knew how long I lasted... I think it was somewhere between 15 and 20 sec.

All my peeps spent the night with me after prom, and we had cake in the morning. I picked angel food cake, with strawberries and whipped cream so it was pretty much the same as waffles. It was delicious Caroline!!! And I am still working on my huge slice :)

We spent the next hour and a half we had together wondering what we wanted to do, and we finally decided we would figure it out this week since it's spring break.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So I have a pile of clothes I decided a LONG time ago I would take to Plato's Closet to get some cash for. Well I was cleaning out my closet today, and as I was sorting through my clothes I kept finding things I didn't really wear anymore... were too small... I didn't like... and my pile of Plato clothes just got bigger and bigger. Then I started daydreaming...
I imagined myself walking into Plato's Closet with my bag full of clothes, them sorting through it while I walked around and looked at some of the other clothes, maybe bought a couple items, and then they called me back to the desk to tell me I had earned (drum roll) $70!!!!!! (*UNBELIEVABLY HUGE GASP!!!*) Cha. Ching! Now I can buy a hair curler, some new makeup at ULTA, more clothes, accessories for prom etc....
So I talked to Dad, told him I had to go to Plato's closet. We went. And I walked in, gave them my clothes, came back thirty minutes later and the lady said "The only thing we liked was this (white polo shirt), and we will give you 90¢ for it. And we donate the rest (my other 10 perfectly good shirts) to–" some charity I don't remember. 90 cents!!!! ? I hate plato's closet. And I am NEVER going there again.

The store was filled to the brim with clothes, and they were all 70 (I hate that number) percent off. So I am sure they were being extremely picky and choosy because they were overloaded already, but... I still wonder. Maybe I have really bad taste in clothes....?