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For Caroline

Caroline's been complaining that I haven't updated my blog. Why? Because there just isn't a whole lot to write about! I just haven't been doing anything interesting lately. Am I complaining? Nope :) I like a little calm....
I must mention the two great movies I've seen in the past month: 17 Again and Star Trek. I loved them both, want to own them both, and totally recommend them :)
Yesterday was our Crew Car Wash. We thought it would be a total failure and we would have to close up shop early. It was cloudy and all weather reports promised rain. We were blessed, and we got no rain, and quite a few people came. One of our very first customers gave a HUGE donation, and I am talking HUUUUUUUGE. I don't know that I can say just how much, but it was a lot, and we were very surprised and grateful. 
I went to Women's Conference last week with Holly and Madre. I liked it, and I am glad I went. However, I don't think I will go again till I am a few years older. I w…