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Just For The Record

So I know i've been taking some pretty long breaks in between posts, and so now I have both an opportunity to update this, and record something that I really REALLY enjoyed and that I don't ever want to forget!!!
This week was Girls Camp. Theme was LOL, Living Our Legacy. It was so good I loved it! I was a first year YCL (double meaning there: It was my first year as a YCL, and also I was over the first year girls). I loved the first years. They are so excited about camp, they love EVERYTHING. They aren't old enough to be all hormonal and have an attitude, and they haven't experienced the really good camps to compare to, so this is just the best thing they have ever done!!! It's great!!!
The camp we had was all old western style, and our cabin was attached to some stables. There was a big cafeteria, and a million little cabins with names like Broncos, and Carriage House on them. There was also ballroom, a theatre, and a pool house. But I'll get to the pool house…