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First camp out of the year, yea!!!

We had our first Venturing camp out of the year! It was a success, yea!!!It's going to be very different, but one thing I noticed right off the bat is that none of the girls grouped off. No one got upset when they couldn't sit next to who they wanted to at dinner, or that they had a tent buddy that they didn't like, or whatever. I think we are all going to get along great this year :) Another thing I noticed is that these girls need to be taught a lesson in how to properly use vocal chords. None of them know how to NOT yell. Hopefully we'll get the problem fixed before we go screaming into Virginia. We had a blast wakeboarding this morning. I think it might be my new favorite water sport. It is SO much fun!
I made a funny/stupid move last week. I had on a dress with a sash that Holly really wanted to tie nicely, so we decided to iron it out first. I was too lazy to take off the dress so I just leaned over ironing board and stupidly put my hand on the board for support al…

F5 Embarrassing Moment

Yesterday I had one of the worst embarrassing moments of my life:At TAFA, after lunch, I have photoshop. The class had a photo shoot outside, and the teacher took lots of pictures of us doing funny poses and jumping, and then some close ups. When we got back to the computer lab she transferred all of our photo's to our computers and then taught us how to remove zits and blemishes in our faces. She had to use MY face as an example. And she did ask first, and of course I said yes, I didn't think it would be so bad. So she opens up my close up, and it comes up projected on the huge wall in front of the whole class for everyone to see, and I had one really bad zit right on my chin. How. Embarrassing. It wasn't too bad, until she zoomed in until my zit was the size of an orange. The whole class chorused one big "ewwwwww!". Oh. My. Gosh. It took all my effort to keep my face from turning red. It was horrible. No one made fun of me, thank goodness, and it gave me huge s…


School has started. What can I say?.......................
I have been driving for a while now! Last night I drove on the freeway, at night, for the first time. It. Was. Horrible. I couldn't see a thing and it was super scary. I have vowed never to drive on the freeway at night EVER again.
This year seminary might be the best year ever. I LOVE it :)
I started Irish Dance lessons! I really think I am going to like it. The first lesson was hard. I am not that coordinated, but over time I think I will figure it out.
Nothing else to report. It's all the same boring schedule from here on out.

BYU vs. OU

Yesterday Holly and I got the chance to go to the BYU vs. OU game!!! Thank you B's for offering us your extra tickets!!!
Walking in wasn't very fun. Surrounding us were mostly OU fans, and we got some rude comments now and then.
Here is the new awsome stadium. It was air conditioned, so it always felt pretty nice. View from the inside. That's a giant... tv screen I guess, hanging from the middle. It was so cool. The stadium was absolutely filled with red. A few smatterings of blue and white. Thank goodness we got to sit with all our BYU fans.
BYU scored a touchdown not long after OU did. "Gooooooooooo COURGARRRRRRRS!!!!"
Yea they did it!!
There was a lot of texting and keeping in touch with friends who couldn't watch the game.
It started to get stressful at some points.
And finally they WON!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!
If you can't read the sign it says "Brigham Young Crashes Sooners"
Walking back to the car leaving the game is a …

I dyed my hair!!!

My hair lightened up quite a bit over the summer, so today somebody finally needed to go to sally's, and I was able to get my hair dye! Here is my "before" shot
Here is all our supplies
Holly was my hair stylist, and she did an amazing job!
She's getting ready :)
And we're ready to fry some hair!
I hoped she knew what she was doing...

Here we're about halfway through....

I think we got high from the smell...

Almost done!

Finished. And I think the shirt is finished too...
So you can kind of see how dark it is, even though all hair is dark when it's damp, this is not far from how it looks dry.
I forgot to take a picture of it dry. Don't know how that happened, but I will have a picture of it dry soon!It's reeeeeeeally dark. I am going to have a hard time getting used to it. The dye says it doesn't fade but it always fades so I am sure it will get a little lighter in a few days.