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Christmas Formal

I have definitely started getting more active at TAFA. I took more classes this year than I have since I was five, and I even signed up for Solo/Ensemble Competitions. I have to sing a memorized solo for a judge, but that's not the hard part. Everyone tells me that is fun! The hard part is the recital. That happens a day or two before the judging, and I have to sing in front of lots of students and their parents. I'm pretty sure I will just stare at the ceiling.

I also went to a toy give away a week ago. I caroled around the halls with friends, and played the piano. It was a lot of fun! I think I will go next year.

Last Saturday I went a TAFA Christmas Formal. It was my first one to go to, and I had a blast. They did take forever to get the food out but after that it was all good. Weirdest thing though, nobody danced! I was told there wouldn't be dancing, because it's a Baptist church and Baptists don't dance, but it was still weird.

We played games, watched people pe…