Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just For The Record

So I know i've been taking some pretty long breaks in between posts, and so now I have both an opportunity to update this, and record something that I really REALLY enjoyed and that I don't ever want to forget!!!

This week was Girls Camp. Theme was LOL, Living Our Legacy. It was so good I loved it! I was a first year YCL (double meaning there: It was my first year as a YCL, and also I was over the first year girls). I loved the first years. They are so excited about camp, they love EVERYTHING. They aren't old enough to be all hormonal and have an attitude, and they haven't experienced the really good camps to compare to, so this is just the best thing they have ever done!!! It's great!!!

The camp we had was all old western style, and our cabin was attached to some stables. There was a big cafeteria, and a million little cabins with names like Broncos, and Carriage House on them. There was also ballroom, a theatre, and a pool house. But I'll get to the pool house later he he he....

The first day, the Gang and I explored every inch of that place. We found an old abandoned truck, some poles with animal figures in top surrounding a fire pit (we called is the Salem Witch Trials Place, don't ask me why), some goats in a pen, some adorable kittens in a chicken coop, some crazy barn with an invisible animal. I swear there was something that growled at us in there, but we couldn't find anything.

The meals by the way, were so small. We barely got anything to eat! Maybe I just eat a lot....

Next day all the other girls came. We had the usual first day: Take group pictures, unpack, get to know the camp, get to know the YCL's, eat, have devotional. It was nice!
Jenna and I would always intend to go back to the cabin to pick something up, and almost every time we got in that cabin we would fall asleep on the beds that we laid down on for "just a couple minutes".........zzzzzzzzzzzzz..............

The next day the leaders got on to us about not being with our girls. We were much better that day..... except when we went to the pool house....
Jenna, Kelli, Nicole, Kisa, Rebecca, Erika, Mariah, Lauren and I all decided to go tell scary stories in the pool house. The pool house was not very far away from the cabins, but apparently it was just far enough. As we were all heading out there, we saw all these other girls coming out of their cabins and heading in a million different directions. We even heard some other girls saying they were going to other cabins to tell scary stories so we were definitely NOT the only ones. We got inside the pool house and we all huddled on the one little couch, and whoever was telling the story had to sit in a chair just in front of us. To freak ourselves out even more, we turned out all lights except one on the far side of the room. The stories were OK, until Mariah started sharing her personal ghost encounters. And Oh. My. Gosh. You have never seen a bigger bunch of chickens than us. Kelli, Kisa, and Nicole ditched us because they got so scared.
Once they were gone Mariah continued, and I still have no idea how it happened but before you know it we were screaming and running in all directions to get out. Mariah tackled Jenna and was yelling "NO you are STAYING to hear the rest! None of you are leaving yet!"
We all huddled back on the couch shaking and clutching each others arms.
All of the sudden I look out the windows on the doors and I see two leaders with flash lights not far outside the pool gates. I pointed out the window and said "Look, there are people out there!" Immediately all the girls are going "Oh Emma, please cut it out you are really freaking me out!" and I just said "No REALLY, look they are right there! Oh my gosh you guys! We are totally busted!" and we are all echoing the same things "oh crap" and "shoot" and "what were we thinking? Are we supposed to be in here?"
Lauren had the perfectly brilliant idea to go turn off the lights, as to NOT attract attention though I must point out it did the exact opposite. The leaders came in the door on the opposite end from us and just like the cops shining there lights in your car window at night, they flashed there lights at us and asked "Who is in here!!!!?". We managed to mumble out some "saginaw" and "Mariah and Jenna and...." and then Sis. P was pointing out the doors saying "Bed. NOW."
You didn't need to see her face to know that there was the biggest, sternest frown you have ever seen. And boy did we get out of that pool house fast. Two more seconds and we were across the field and in our cabins.
We sat on our bunks and talked it over again, all repeating the same "Oh craps" as earlier. We all agreed that we had three options that could have saved our skins and they were 1) leave with the chickens Kelli, Kisa and Nicole. 2) just left when we started getting freaked out, and resisted Mariah. and 3) tackled Lauren when she went to turn off the light. But, we all agreed that we didn't regret it for a second!

Next morning we were all given a talkin' to of course, and we were all on our best behavior of course. I was EARLY to flag, whereas the day before I didn't even go. And I didn't skip a single activity.

So I did do some things right. My first year girls really liked me, I think :) but I also was HORRIBLE! I feel so bad about some of my behavior, and I am just so glad that none of the younger girls noticed that I was late and sometimes ditched a lot of the meetings.
So, I have vowed that I am going to be on my very best behavior next year. And I will try to fill the shoes of the best YCL ever, Holly. I am so glad I was able to go to camp when she was my YCL. She was amazing and now I can look back and remember all she did and try to be like her.