Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer part II

I guess since my last post was "summer" I should keep it going, since it didn't end with south padre. South Padre was just a great start to a great summer.

Like I said, Jenna and I have been inseparable. So it was pretty wierd when she left for EFY. I was super bored. But shortly after Jenna left for Utah, I flew up to stay with Holly. I got to meet a lot of her friends and go with them to breakfast. I really like being with her and her friends and seeing what college life is like. I can't wait for college!
We hiked up Timp. to see a waterfall. Honestly, the whole mountain looked like something out of Bambi. It was covered in flowers, and we saw lots of chimpmunks and bee's and such.
I especially liked wandering around BYU campus with her while she worked with her really wierd but cool guy friend.
I ran stairs till I puked. Around 350 steps altogether.
Then on saturday we went to the Gateway Mall. Aaaaaaahh heaven.... and then we went to dinner with Jenna's family, and some old friends from Texas. It was so wierd seeing how big all the kids have gotten!
From then on I was with Jenna. Sunday we started out drive.
To sum up the entire car ride, it consisted of:
"I have to pee!"
"Move your pillow, I can't see!"
Flat land as far as the eye can see.
"I don't want to watch that movie!"
More corn.

But despite all the screaming children, I really did have fun! I knew I would. I signed up for it knowing what I was in for, and I had a ton of fun.

Nauvoo was really fun. It was cool seeing everything again and remembering from when I was there 6 or 7 years ago. I loved seeing the temple, it really is one of the most beautiful temples in my opinion. Of course there were lots of cute mormon boys to see :)

Ohio was awsome. I loved staying in the cave (the room with no windows so its pitch black) with Sierra and Jenna. I saw Harry Potter, and I didn't like it, though I still enjoyed it. Then I saw The Proposal. So. Funny.

Maryland was..... green. Very tree-y. Very buggy and humid. But it is very pretty, and I hear the sea food is great! However, I didn't eat any sea food. I wanted to try seeing if I could not eat any meat for a week. And I got through the week! Everyone thought I was crazy to go to Maryland and skip out on the sea food, but I knew I was going to come back sometime, and I would just have some then :)

My mom came and picked up Jenna and I and flew us home. Aaaaah home sweet home. I missed the heat, and the space! Maryland felt so closterphobic. Despite that Maryland has way more oxygen giving trees, I feel like I can breathe better in Tejas.

We stayed long enough to go to Mariah's birthday party at Jump For Fun. Awsome place, loved it! And we also went to a dance/fireside, where we got to hear from Sis. Dalton and her husband :) I got to see Edmund from Chronicles of Narnia AGAIN! I even said something to him!
Jenna spent the night with friends from school.
And we got to go to our small ward. It's not that much different. Just that most of my friends are gone :( but we all have a permit atleast, so we'll be able to drive to eachother to hang out very soon.

Right now Jenna and I are in CA. We had to fly to Austin first, then from Austin to CA. Jenna flew in first, lucky duck. First thing we did when we got back was go to an In N' Out. I am so glad I am not actually a vegitarian. Then we swam in the pool. Then it was to the beach! It's wierd being in the calm, florida like south padre, and then in the cold, rough waves of the pacific. We know we'll get wallopped trying to surf next week.

We have two weeks in CA before Jenna leaves for Maryland, and I go home to Texas. And I'm sure I'll be posting tons of cool things we'll be doing. Next week: DISNEYLAND!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


I can't believe how fast summer flying by! I wish it would slow down. Everyday I think about my impending doom: Mrs. Lambert's English Class. u.g.h.

This summer has been probably my busiest but best summer ever. Jenna and I have been inseparable. Out of one month we have spent only a few nights away from each other. I keep waiting for us to crack and start screaming at each other like sisters, but so far so good.
Here is us playing with makeup and taking pictures for thousandth time :)

For many of my friends, our high adventure trip is the highlight of the summer. First impressions were not so great. It was hot. Five of us had snorkeled in Hawaii, so murky, muddy, and extremely salty bay water was just plain nasty. But I guess it somehow grew on us.
Everyone got to touch a sea turtle, some of us touched a sting ray, and I touched an octopus! Jenna and I kayaked very close to a dolphin. Of course we went way outside the boundary line (naturally, we're gonna get in trouble together), but we saw a dolphin! So it's worth it, right?
We burned. Badly.
We sailed; Jenna "accidentally" ran into the "hot coasties".
We snorkeled in 3 foot water with some crazy sea animals. I saw a sting ray again though this time it was a lot bigger and I didn't stick around.
We burned.
Everyone surfed, and everyone stood up.
We prepared for what we thought would be a tropical storm, but turned out to be nothing.
We burned.
We flirted with the mormon boy scouts.
We visited a coast guard station, where Jenna and I decided we needed more time to be guides in CO and SP and go to BYU as well as a cosmetology school/dental hygiene, and still be in the USCG for 4 years.
We were the second group in five years to kayak 3 miles around the jetty's to surf side.
We totally dominated in a game of volleyball against the boys.
We FRIED. But that mean a good tan so we didn't mind so much.

We "thought" we heard someone walking outside our tents every night. Happened to be a trash bag.
We were sandy head to foot all week.
We were cut up head to foot.
We named the crabs.
We had the BEST staff. A bit smaller than last years, but that meant that you got to talk to them more and get to know them. They really were just like us, just a little older. Same maturity level :)
We loved hanging out together.