Monday, August 31, 2009


Tafa was good today. I love my treble choir! I cant believe we are already back to singing Christmas songs! But some really good ones were picked this year, so I am super excited. Concert is really fun too, and I might have a few opportunities to try out for a solo or two. I know I wouldn't ever get a solo part, but it will still be a fun experience.
So after lunch today I talked with a non member, who had the BoM as well as the D&C, and had some questions. I was totally excited, and though we only got to talk for a few minutes, we decided to meet together at lunch the next week and talk some more. I was super excited and anxious thinking we might have a possible missionary opportunity here, and Sophie and I talked it over on the way to class and decided how we would talk to her about the church (Sophie gets so excited she has a tendency to jump ahead and then we're both in a pickle that we can't explain).
After my three o' clock class I sat in the study hall, and this girl found me and sat down, and we started right back up where we were before. She asked me all about saving grace/perfection, having faith and works, the bible being completely true, and the sacrament. It was so hard to answer all her questions, and she was so well informed! She had scriptures highlighted in both the BoM and the bible, and every answer I had I wasn't able to back up very well, and she always had some verse that seemed to contradict what I said. I had a hard time explaining myself clearly, and I think she misunderstood a lot of what I was trying to say.
I understood what she was trying to say, but we looked at things SO differently, it was very hard to explain in a way that she would understand. I have never been very good with words or explaining myself.
When I got home I was pretty confused and had a lot of questions for Mom and soon-to-be-missionary Holly. We spent a good hour looking up verses in the scriptures, bible and BoM. I did learn a lot, but mostly because I realized there was a lot I didn't understand, and I needed to know those things if I was going to be active in the home school community which happens to be in the biggest bible belt you have ever been in. These kids know their stuff pretty well. They can recite scripture like no other. However I did learn that they misunderstand quite a bit of what they read.
I feel a little bit more prepared when I go back next week. Hopefully it will be the last discussion we have. I am pretty sure she is not interested in the church, just in proving the church wrong :(

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last night was another stake dance. Booooooriiiiiiiing. But all my friends were there, so it was fun to hang out with them. Tafa has started. I am in two choirs, and a photoshop class, which I know I am going to love. I am trying to get to know people, but they all belong to some clique or another, so it's pretty hard being apart of a conversation. I am sure they are all excited to see each other since it's only the first week, and it's easy to forget about the new girl, even though I am not that "new", I am unheard of so I am pretty much "new".
As you know, english has started too. That is going pretty well. It's not hard... yet...
Church is... different... Every time I go to a wednesday night activity it gets harder and harder not to want to just stop coming. Sometimes Kisa isn't there, and then I am the oldest. I love the girls, and I love talking with them and we all get along great but sometimes it's nice to have someone there your age.
I drove for the first time at night! I hit a toad :( But this means that I can now drive to seminary every morning!!! That means I will have the chance to drive at least once a day, almost everyday! It is SO scary, but I love driving, so yay!
I still miss you tons, Jenna :(

Thursday, August 27, 2009

First morning of seminary

I just keep having to say "2 more years 2 more years 2 more years 2 more years...". Every year on the first morning of seminary I am reminded again that I am not a morning person. I feel so bad for my previous seminary teachers. I was probably the worst student in the class. I have this problem with talking back to teachers? I have no idea where it comes from, but my family is ashamed after they hear the sort of things I have said in seminary. I have gotten in full blown arguments about various, usually stupid, things. But seminary teachers are SO unfair! I can't be the only one to have noticed that. I know that if they had just listened to me, they would have seen the injustice they were inflicting on us poor students forced to go to "cemetery" at 6 in the morning. It's horrible! But this year I promise to be good. We have a sister teaching us this year. Thank goodness! I am starting to think women are more understanding than men.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mowing the lawn in Tejas

I mowed the lawn today. Do you think breathing in dirt can give your lungs the same effect as smoking?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Number of English Class days left = 35. Number of stress free days left = 0

Today was my first day of Mrs. Lambert's English class. Last year I dreaded her class every week, and I don't think this year will be much different. I jumped one of her classes to catch up with my grade, so I am in a Junior AP class. I. Am. Going. To. Die. If I thought the freshman class was hard, then this is... what's a word that means much more than "hard" or "difficult"? I'm sure I will learn one this year in my super _______ English Class

I have to admit, I think her class is a little better the second time you go. I know exactly what to expect now, which in a way also makes it worse, because you know what your in for, and you also know it's going to be a lot harder. But I also know how the kids are (extremely opinionated, very smart, and they hate Obama's guts), so I know how to get along with them, and I even talked to several of the students today. The class is bigger by about 5 people, which makes a really big difference to me but I am sure that's nothing in public schools. We even have 2... maybe 3 pretty decent looking boys in the class too. That makes class SO much more interesting ;)

How do the public schooled kids do it? If I had hour and a half AP classes everyday, 5 days a week, AND homework, I would be prematurely gray. Or bald.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Ward

Well... the dreaded ward split has happened. Our little ward isn't barren compared to the wards we visited in LA but it is a lot smaller than before. I have lost over half my friends, but we will still see each other I am sure. Today there were only 12 young women, and we all had class together. Apparently that is how it's been for the past two weeks. We're not sure if the YW will split into their separate groups at all. If it does, Kisa and I will be the ONLY laurels! Seminary is so small, all ages will be together in the same class.
Nothing much has been going on, just trying to get back into our normal schedules. English (uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) starts on wednesday. TAFA next monday. Thank goodness I don't usually start on the rest of my schoolwork until a few days into September.
So totally unrelated to any of this, I have decided when I grow up I am going to move to Switzerland. I read about them online, and learned that they have a really good economy and military and other things. I just need to learn German and Italian when I am done with French, then I will be good to go.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Man's Best Friend

While we were in CA, Madre talked with Caroline on the phone back home and Caroline relayed something that happened between Scout and David one day. Scout was rather irritable and little Davy came romping around and no one was there to witness it, but he must have stepped on her, or annoyed her in some way, and she nipped him, and growled at him. He wasn't seriously injured. There wasn't any blood. Either way, Madre was very concerned, and I totally understand. She discussed it with Dad and they tried to find another home for her, but in the end Dad had her put to sleep.
Yes, I am upset, and a little angry. But I fully understand and agree that it's dangerous to have an irritable half Pitt dog and that another accident could have happened, and that time it might have been a lot worse than some teeth marks.
Scout was a very, very strong dog, despite her small frame. She had an incredibly hard jaw and could bite her way through anything, as evidenced by all the chewed up pieces of our house. Pretty soon we will have a house full of small children, and we just couldn't risk something happening, even though never in a million years could I imagine Scout harming someone. But I've heard that's what they all say...
From the first day or two that Scout was with us, I felt that she would be a short term dog. I know she's just a dog but I guess Heavenly Father was trying to prepare me early on. I'm very glad that we had her. She has been one of our best dogs, and I desperately hope that she is happy wherever she is. I will miss her. We got her at just the right time; Holly and Caroline were gone, it was just me, Madre, and sometimes Dad. It was nice having someone else around.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Emma's new book title: The Stupid Things Emma and Jenna Have Done.

Well.... Jenna is gone :( We took her to the airport a couple days ago, and NO I did not make a scene like I thought I would. I only teared up a little :)

This entire California trip mostly consisted of swimming, some shopping, and lots of laughter and smiles. We found the biggest and best Forever 21 yet! We had fun transforming my punk rock cousin into a proper little lady, and mostly just walking around in awe.

We went to the beach almost everyday and got our South Padre tans back (yes!). Only bummer is, we never got to go surfing :(

We went to Disneyland, and even got some of those nifty flash passes, but unfortunatley, we never used them. We met a new friend, Abi, who is hilarious. She is very non-girly, and she shook our hands goodbye. We had two chances to spend time with her; At the beach, and also after church on sunday. She was a good buddy :)

We went down to a new tide pooling spot, and collected over 300 sea urchins! There were also tons of star fish, and several sea slugs. I practically went swimming in the tide pools to collect all those shells.

On sunday, Jenna and I decided to go back to the tide pools, just the two of us. There is the critical mistake: Just. The. Two. Of. Us. Whenever something happens to us, it's just the two of us.
Some how we got caught in a rattle snake trap, almost created a landslide, had to get help climbing over a fence, and hours later our legs were still shaking from climbing over around 300 suuuuper steep steps. It was horrible. We were COVERED in dirt and grime, and I never want to show my face in that area again.

Everytime we are in the middle of some pickle like that, we always say the same thing "We are soooooooo duuuuuuumb!". But by the end, we are glad we went through it, and we're even more glad we were with eachother.

What am I going to do NOW Jenna? Who am I going to argue with when I'm stuck in a sand pit surrounded by rattle snakes? Who's going to stand behind a fence and yell "Excuse me...sir?" like an idiot with me? Well...I'm sure we'll have plenty more experiences at college. There's plenty of bear/cougar infested mountains to hit in Provo :)