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New Year!

TAFA started up again. Yay!

These are my friends from my old photoshop class. One of them is in my treble choir so I still get to see her, and the other I sit with at lunch, so wahoo! I won't be total outsider again!

I already love one of the songs picked out for this year, it's french :) Can you tell where I am in the picture? I'm ringing the sleigh bells!.......and slouching......
I am only in one class this year, Treble choir, which ends at 10:30. So after Treble I went into the study hall, and worked on my essay. I kept looking at the clock thinking "I have to be here until 5... this is going to be a long day...". But I got to sit with some really fun people at lunch, and lunch is a whole hour so yea!
After lunch I attempted to do more school work, then at 2 I went to talk to the Irish Dance teacher. There is only one Irish Dance class right now, and it's for the 10-11 year olds. But since I didn't have anything to do in the afternoon I went ahead and ask…

The Best Sunday

So today was one of my favorite Sundays ever. We had a great teacher in Sunday School, and I didn't get to practice two of the hymns for Sacrament Meeting, yet I managed to play them without too much damage :) Young Womens has been hard to get through since I am one out of only three "old kids", one of which was out of town today. But today I loved it. My piano skills were needed for the first half an hour in primary, so I came into YW pretty late. Sister W. was teaching. The topic was Jesus, and how He loves us. I've heard the lesson a million times, will hear it a million times more. Jesus loves you, He has gone through everything you have, you are not alone, etc... the usual. I teared up just a little because the leaders cried a few times (I can't look at someone who's crying without tearing up at least a little...or laughing but not because I am making fun, just because it's what I do when people cry. Weird, I know). I was completely fine though. Then…

Christmas and New Years

I think my family has given up on taking pictures on holidays, because I only have two... We had our gift opening on the monday before Christmas, and spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Hawaii with Dad! I could not believe I was actually going to Hawaii again. It took forever to get out. Our plane had a mechanical problem, and it had to be de-iced twice! Did you know that there is a TWO HOUR difference in the flying time coming back? It took eight looooooooooooong hours to get there, and only six to get back. We ate dinner at Dukes, and went straight to bed. This is me on our hotel balcony. It was taken on a really high zoom from the street down below. I could not believe we were so high up. We rented this car that squeaked and bounced around everywhere. I loved it though! It reminded me of the Indiana Jones Ride. We went to the North Shore and saw the huuuuuge waves:

And though you can't see them in this picture, they really were huge. We watched a few brave surfers paddle out…