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Yes! It's all over! I had a singing competition this morning. Similar to the piano competition, you're not actually competing with anyone, just going for experience and some voice instruction. I got a 1! Which I know sounds really bad but it's a very good score :)
The recital was the toughie. All TAFA students participating in solo/ensemble competitions must perform their solo in front of an audience of peers and their parents before the competition. Yikes! But it was really helpful. It helps the kids know what they tend to mess up on when nervous and put under pressure.
For the past two weeks I have been asking myself why I signed up to do this. I think it was because I'm not competing in piano anymore, I got bored? But now that I've done it, I'm pretty sure I'd like to pursue dance more than voice. I have my first dance competition in just a couple weeks! And it really is a competition. I'm SO excited! I'll be dancing 4 solos, and 1 dance with a par…


We heard that it might snow, I was definitely not expecting this:

We got stuck coming back from walmart.

I just LOVE being home schooled. All my friends were stuck inside all day while I worked on a snow man.