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I feel so weird. I got my wisdom teeth out this morning. I was afraid that I would do something really weird, because I have heard of people (especially women) doing some crazy things after getting their wisdom teeth out. Apparently, women have a tendency to cry, and I heard of one man who wet himself! I was so scared. But when I woke up, I was just reeeally tired.
I got home and watched about 30 minutes of Jane Eyre before I fell asleep, and I have been off and on sleeping all day. I have to admit, despite the pain, it's kind of fun. I get to eat all this stuff that I rarely get to have, I'm sleeping whenever, and I got to watch movies instead of school work! Swelling is not so bad. I really wanted to go to Seminary tomorrow. Sis. J just got back, and I have missed her so much, I haven't wanted to miss any lessons, but Madre says I gotta stay home. I plan on doing normal things tomorrow. Get some English done (only a couple more classes and then I'm freeeeeeeeee! Mrs. …

Couldn't wait...

I got the wig :) AND I LOVE IT! I know it's crazy to want to wear this ridiculous amount of hair that gives you a super bad headache after the first half an hour, but I still love it!
I'm done with Beginners! WOW it feels so nice to say that I am in Novice now. Here is where they really separate the good dancers from the bad ones. And unfortunately, right now, I am one of those bad dancers, but I plan to change that! I can't wait to really start learning the hard stuff :D

Feelin Good :)

I was stressing out last night real bad. Saturday is my next Feis, and I still had an entire dance to learn. Yesterday I had a cram session at the May's, and then got home and crammed some more. I got it learned just in time, and now I'm actually excited about this weekend! My dances could be a little more polished, but I'm just happy that I got all my dances learned in the three weeks that I had!
Now I feel dumb. While in Maryland, I got bored, and decided since I had done every other color, I would die my hair reddish. Well its a little more than "reddish", and I actually like it! However, I reeeeallly wanted my wig, and I don't think I'll be able to get it because my hair isn't brown anymore. And I'm not going to buy a red wig. Oh well, sounds like I'll just have to wait until September to buy my wig! I will be getting my new shoes however. Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!


Nicole and I were dates ;) She's wearing my dress, and my shrug, and my necklace, and I did her hair and makeup... Both dresses are from Half of Half. $20 bucks each!
Thanks for letting me borrow the shrug Jenna! It looked awesome :D

This years theme was very princess-y. At first I thought the check in room was the room we were dancing in, and I was like "laaaame", then I accidentally stumbled into the ballroom hahaha. It was amazing! It was like the inside of a Cinderella castle. DJ was good, the ballroom was on top of an ice skating rink, so the room was pleasantly cool, I hardly got hot at all. It was so much fun! Can't wait until next year!