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This cracked me up


J'aime La Belgique!

Don't we look so European with our French scarves and Umbrella's shopping at the market?

I had SOOOOO much fun in Belgium. Who'da thought I'd enjoy museum's and castles and cathedrals? But I loved every second of it! Even the plane ride. We got Business Class :)

I wish we could have just stayed there forever. Everyone was so kind, and the missionaries were a ton of fun to talk to. I wondered the whole time if this is what Holly is experiencing. If so, no wonder she always sounds so ridiculously happy in her letters. Missionaries are a blast!

Of course we were very very tired all the time. 7 hours difference.

I have been spoiled. The food was so good. I don't think I can ever eat a slice of American Cheese ever again.

Aaaaaaaand I made it through an art museum. AAAAAAAND I enjoyed it! What a miracle.

I have to say, that the churches and cathedrals were my absolute favorite. Of course everything was a work of art in and of itself, but I especially loved the stained gl…


I just got back from a week long vacation in CA, my second favorite state! It was cold. Very weird for august. Madre and I didn't go to the beach once. However we did go to the tide pools, and we picked up 50 more shells for our collection of dead things to decorate the house with :)
Mostly we enjoyed my grandmother's pantry, which is filled with things that have never seen the inside of our own home, and also her excellent cable channels. Sounds like a productive week to me!

I walked in on this my last night in CA. Aren't they adorable? Both of them were fast asleep. Bob had fallen asleep while giving Big Ma a foot rub.
In a few days Jenna and I will be heading up to Belgium.

Today I bought a little sling bag to keep all my money and such nice and safe and organized on the trip. I want to start using it now. It's just so nifty I can't help but feel like organizing while I wear it.

See you in a couple days Jenna! :D

Summer :)

Scout camp was by far the highlight of my summer. The staff were really cool, and there were a million boy scouts. Jenna and I really want to work there next summer, and I am currently working on my Ranger Award, which is basically training for a camp like this.

The girls loved the boy scouts.

Dar the river god.
rafting was most everyones favorite.
We love our toe shoes!