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I got a job!

Yayyyy! I've been applying applying applying EVERYWHERE and nothing. My seminary teacher's husband is a jeweler, and he referred me to his boss who was thinking about opening a part time/seasonal position. Well I got in for an interview, and I was pretty sure I butchered it and I wouldn't get the job. But whaddya know she hired me yesterday! For the next few months I'm sitting at the computer from 10-2 sorting through data entry. It's pretty tedious, but it's a job, and right now I don't really care what I do. Just not fast food. That was my last resort. So I'm happy! I have a job! I'm starting to see Cosmetology in the near future. I was afraid if I didn't get a job and have something saved up to live on white in Utah, I was going to have to put it off for another year. For right now, things are lookin' good :)

P.s. We settled on "rascal" for the cat. We got stuck on the idea of naming her after some disney character/animal, and ap…

Speckles, Bobcat, Spot?

We can't decide on the name. So for now, her name has been "new cat". We got her as a playmate for Pumpkin because we thought she might be lonely after Scout went away. Pumpkin hates her. How horrible is that? Madre, however, is confident that they'll warm up to each other eventually.

Isn't she so cute?!

They're gone :(

Well, I'm officially an only child now. For a while, it didn't feel like it was truly just me and my parentals, because Caroline was always just down the road. I'm gonna miss them. Especially the Little Squirts.

I did get a road trip out of the deal, though. Dad and I got to drive their moving van up, which was long but fun :]

We saw about 50 elders coming out of a Macdonalds in Kansas, which fun and interesting. We're guessing they were on their way to the temple.

We stopped by Liberty Jail, which I have to admit... it was a little hokey. I have a problem with manekins, they just seem goofy and disneyland-ish to me. However I could see how horrible it would be, and I'm so grateful for the sections of D & C that we have because of the Prophet's time spent there.

We stopped in Joliet, IL for some Sliders at White Castle. Yummmmm.

Then we got to Michigan around 7:30 that night, and a great bunch of guys from the May's new ward helped unload. The town house loo…