Saturday, March 27, 2010

License :)

I got my license FINALLY!!!! I was so excited! My first trip alone was to seminary, and halfway down McLeroy I felt like I should turn around because I was disobeying the rules. Second trip was to walmart, then back to the church. Then I jumped straight onto the highway and drove myself to South Lake for dance class. That. Was. Scary. I was shaking I was so nervous. I'm not that good with directions, and I hate driving at night. After spending 30 minutes at the computer mapquest-ing every which way to get from my house to the dance studio, I said a little prayer, hopped in the car, prayed almost the whole way, and I made it to dance! No problems what so ever :) I did get a little lost on the way home, but not by much. Today I am driving myself to the Mall, then from the mall to dance again. SO excited, I love driving.
You know what I have already discovered since getting my license? I sing in the car. Reeeeaaallly loudly too. And sometimes I talk to myself, and the car in front of me if they are acting weird. Is that normal?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

YC 2010

Book of Mormon themed. Definitely one of the best YC's :)

We camped over night in Sid Richardson. I was fuh-reeeeeezing because I forgot a jacket, but in the afternoon it was nice.

The whole day was filled with BoM reenactments, some of them a little goofy, but they were all really well done.

Nicole, Lauren, Me, and Carter were a pretty tight group the whole time. I wasn't in their group, but every chance we got we were hanging out together. We had so much fun!
Everyone had to wear tunics. Everyone hated them.
Here is King Benjamin preaching from his tower. You could tell he put a lot of effort into his skit. This was the first event of the morning, and it was amazing.
We made awesome lamanites, and we totally would have beaten the Nephites, except that the Nephites win in the book, so the leaders gave them a million lives, while they pulled all the lamanites out. So. Unfair.
Goofing off. Trying to make our tunics look cool.
THE coolest gang ever. I had the best time hanging out with these guys. I love my friends! :D

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PIctures :)

Now that I've got the time, here are some pictures in random order :)

Sailing day 5

ATV's day 3, in Arenal

Day 3 in Arenal. This is a little pool near the waterfall.

This is just a few yds. from the waterfall. Dad and I were exhausted from swimming in this pool, the force of the waterfall was so strong is was constantly trying to push you into the rocks.
The waterfall :)
Day 2, volcano watching. I couldn't get a good picture of the volcano spouting rocks, but there were a ton of people there to watch! And I got them in the picture haha.
Feeding the Iguana's day 2.

Zip lining, day 1...

River Rafting day 2... This is where we had the pineapple that was SO good!

And here are some zip lining videos:

Flight Delayed... 6 hours.... And we didn't know till be got to the airport, or else I'm sure we would have spent a couple more hours in the water.

I'm ready to get home now! I'm missing out on all the St. Patty's day excitement going on back home! St. Patrick's Day is definitely not known in Costa Rica hahaha...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 7, Last day

Last day :( it's bittersweet actually. I kind of miss home. I miss dance especially. But I love Costa Rica! It's hard to leave.

This morning we went to a big park. They called it a zoo, and it was similar, just without the cages and tame animals haha. We saw several sloths, followed a path that meant "waterfall", but all the agua was gone, but we were dripping like waterfalls. It was sooooo hot.

We stopped at the beach and took a short dip, then headed back. The monkeys woke up from their siesta and we got right up close to them! It was so cool! They start heading for the trash cans towards noon, because the trash bins are fairly full by then. We got a picture of one eating some nacho chips :)

Day 6

Day 6 as actually yesterday. We arrived at the new hotel, and we all love it! We spent some time lazing around the beach and pool. They have a couple of nice hammocks (hammocks are my favorite :), and a little jungle-y area across the street to look for Iguanas.

Around 3 we went sailing, stopped by a nice snorkeling spot, saw some pretty fish and a spiny starfish.

Got back on the boat and meandered around a little. Some dolphins came WAY up close to the boat, so we hurried out from under the canopy, because apparently the dolphins won't stick around unless they can see the people :) I love dolphins! They are some of the coolest animals ever.

Lots a sting rays were jumping up (literally) out of the water. Like way up! It was really bizarre.

Altogether a really fun day! Had a really yummy tuna steak for dinner, and we slept great last night in the nice AC :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 5

Yesterday we headed to the coast. I saw a parakeet! The big rainbow ones. And we saw a sloth.

The first hotel we went to was nice and big, with a beautiful veiw, but... the AC sucked. Scoutmaster hates heat about as much as Madre hates being cold. So that didn't last long.

This morning they headed out to Playa Hermosa and found an awesome, air-conditioned hotel. It's right up on the beach, I get my own room with a tv, and there are two pools! This is definitely the place to come if you've got a big family.

Tonight we are going sailing, snorkeling, and Dad will fish.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 3

ATVing was way cool! I was more scared driving those things than doing any of the other stuff. It was so rocky, I thought I was going to tip over every time I turned.

We met more college students. I have seen more of those here than at an actual campus, they're everywhere! They are all here on spring break, usually in couples though I've seen a few big groups of them. Jenna, we MUST come here over one of our spring breaks during college. It would be so much fun, I know you would love it here :)

We hiked down to a waterfall that was gorgeous! And really really powerful, took a lot of energy just to swim out a little ways.
There were so many steps going back, and they were really really steep. And I didn't complain once about my small lungs ;)

I've been eating a lot of "typical food" here (rice and beans, chicken, and plantains). I love love LOVE the rice and beans, but the plantains are nassstttyyyyyyy. Tonight I tried fried yucca. It tasted just like a giant french fry.

There are a million dogs here. And they are all so nice! Every house has a dog outside, and in the city, everyone kind of shares the dogs. All the restaurants are open-air, and the dogs just wander in and sit underneath your table. There was a dog sleeping in the middle of the church during mass tonight.

Last night we went up to the volcano to watch some lava fireworks. Yowza that was crazy. It was so bizarre, it was hard to believe that I was actually there, and not watching it on a TV. It was definitely one of my favorite parts of this trip.

Tomorrow we are driving down to the coast! I can't wait to even out this tan. The top of my whole right leg was burned yesterday, and only my left knee got some sun hahahah.

Friday, March 12, 2010

River Rafting

River rafting was so much better than CO rafting! The water was perfect, not freezing, and the jungle is SO SO SO pretty. I think all river guides are the same, no matter what country they are from. These all reminded me of the ones from High Adventure. BTW, pineapple from Costa Rica is 1000 times better than from Hawaii.

I got tossed out of the raft on the 2nd or 3rd rapid, which was way fun. I got sunburned (as usual).

I met a 25 year old landscape student from Germany. she is here on a 5 week vacation, and she spent 10 days working on a farm feeding the animals in various times in the day, in return for food and a place to sleep. Your interested in environmental stuff, right Jen? This is SO the place to come for adventure and a really cool environment!

That´s pretty much it for this day! Tomorrow is ATV´s or fourwheeling through some jungle, which I can´t wait for. I´ve been speeding over the top of the jungle, and in a river all around, but I haven´t really been IN it.

I´ll update tomorrow!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

No Texting? What?

I have no texting Jenna. I'm so sorry :( I´ll update my blog on the hotel computers as much as I can though, to let you know what´s going on.

Today was ziplining. FUN!!! I think there were 4 or 5 rides altogether, and the veiw was AMAZING. It is so pretty here, imagine Jurrasic Park, or the indiana jones ride.

We saw a monkey on the way home, and a couple of Tucans. Pictures are shortly to follow! I miss texting you!

Tomorrow is rafting, and I´ll tell all about after :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Freaked Out

I have been pretty excited for Costa Rica! I know it'll be so much fun. But last night, Bro. R, for some stupid, stupid, stupid reason, decided to tell me, ME, Emma, the queen of hypochondriacs, the wrong story. Some lady comes back from Costa Rica with a hole in her head, goes to the doctor, and the doc determines that it's a maggot from some weird fly, and she pulls it out of her head! I thought he was joking! What I don't understand is how he could be SO happy to tell me. As soon as I walked into the foyer and he saw me, he jumped up to tell me this story. WHY would you do something like that? Especially to ME? Anyone who knows me, knows not to tell me anything potentially frightening. And this is beyond potentially frightening. It is freaking the scariest thing I have ever heard. I do not want to come home with worms in my skull. So though I am excited, I am also so scared. I'm not going to sleep! I'm going to be wearing hats to bed, and showering in insect repellent.

Please pray that I will come with no worms in my head :-/

Sunday, March 7, 2010

So sad :(

My Irish Dance competition went wonderfully! But for the past day I have been soooo sad. It was so much fun, one more month seems so far away for the next one :( I wish they had a feis every month! I spent most of yesterday wandering around soaking everything in, and thinking about how this is only my first, and I only have a few more. I wish so so so SO badly that I had started this earlier! I have really fallen in love with dance, and I just feel like I don't have enough years to get in all the dancing that I want. I have one more year of high school, and then I think that's it.
I continually ask myself why why WHY didn't I follow Caroline's advice five years ago when she told me about this?!?! If I had known how much I love it now, I know I would have started it the next day. Now I'm only getting started, and before I know it, I'll be done.

Anyways, I guess I might as well enjoy it while I can. Yesterday was so much fun! I had a two hand reel first thing, and my partner accidentally messed up on a step, and it all kind of went down hill from there, so we didn't get such a great score on that one lol. But we had fun! Which is all that really matters :)

Great story just before that though... Caroline and I were in the bathroom with about 30 minutes to go before I had to be out ready to dance, trying to get my dress zipped up. It zipped perfectly fine the day before! But for some reason, the zipper decided to break the day of the performance. I had no back up outfit, and still just 30 minutes to go. Caroline worked that zipper so many times, and finally just when she said she didn't know what else to do, we tried one last time, both of us just praying to Heavenly Father that the zipper would just zip. And voila! Prayer answered! It was a great testimony builder for the day. I was so scared, I didn't take that dress off the whole day. Normally girls would take their dress off in between dances because the skirts are so stiff and can get crushed when they sit in them. Caroline wrapped a blanket around me to act like a bib while I ate, and I had to stand up for SO many hours.

The dances went great. I prayed just like before hahaha. And I managed to do alright! I'm so close to being out of the beginners! Just one more Feis, and then on to Novice :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Almost ready! :D

My dance competition is just one more day away! And I'm almost ready. I just need the poodle socks, which I will get tonight :) Oh my gosh! I can't wait! I couldn't wait for this feis since I went to the last Oireachtas (I know, all these Irish words are a mouthful). I am so ready to be out of the beginners. Tonight was the last big practice before the Feis this weekend. Those practices are definitely my favorite. EVERYONE comes, and it's just so much fun to sit back and watch all the amazing dancers practice. Someday, I hope to get to that level. Tonight I watched several championship dancers dancing some really different dances, and just laughing and goofing halfway through them, or making up some silly poses. Irish Dance can get pretty stressful and intense sometimes. I've already seen one chick walk off the stage absolutely bawling because she messed up. For once it was nice to just watch them all having fun! I can't wait to get out of the beginners. I am ready for the challenge!

I found these hilarious t-shirts and bumper stickers online last night. I think only Irish Dancers would get them, but they are still funny: