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Dance Hard

In a couple of weeks I will be competing in my 3rd Feis. After dancing for a year and a half this really should be my 5th or 6th competition, but I took a pretty long break over the summer, and it all went down hill from there.
But Caroline made my beautiful dress :) and its performance/competition season, and I'm working harder than I ever have to be ready for it. I really really want to be a good dancer. I started extremely late for my age. Most girls my age are championship dancers, but I am determined that just because I started late, it doesn't mean that a little hard work won't get me there. I definitely will not be moving up at this next competition, but it will show me where I am, and what I really need to work on.

I remember in my first competition I was positive I was going to get dead last in everything, and I would be stuck in beginners forever. Well it didn't really matter if I got dead last or not, because there were so few other competitors in all of my d…


This weekend was the first weekend where Dad and I didn't have work, and Madre didn't have school work. What a miracle! So we flew out to California for some In N' Out, surfing, and the Santa Anita Park.

Here Mom and I are standing in front of Seabiscuit.
Here's the horses on the turf, just screamin around the corner. It would have been a pretty sweet shot if the dumb safety jockey's horse hadn't been in the way.

Dad's standard "I'm about to surf" pose.
And I still managed to fit into my wetsuit, though it felt like a workout trying to put it on.
Overall it was a very short, fun visit. It's sad to think that I'll probably have only one more California visit before I either get a summer job, or I head up for school. Speaking of summer job, sometime in the next two weeks, Jenna and I should be getting emails letting us know if we made it or not. Pick me, please! I want to be a river guide so bad!