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Only for you, Caroline ;)

1st ~four places I go

The mall
The bathroom

2nd ~ four favorite smells

The ocean
The AC when it first turns on
My cousin's garage

3rd~ four favorite TV shows or movies

Pride and PrejudiceJurassic Park Princess Bride

4th ~ four recommendations

Dance. It's the best kind of exercise Read Jane Austen
Take showers Buy Apple products.


I'm so old. I'm 18. Now I actually have to act grown up. Ugh. ;)

Yesterday Madre and Scoutmaster took me to get some cowgirl boots. I've been wanting some for a while now, and I was pretty excited. I've been shopping for two days now and I still haven't found exactly what I'm looking for (it's my darn feet, too. They are reeeeally wide). But Scoutmaster is determined to find me a pair that I really like. I'll find my dream boots someday!

Then I went with the Twins and L to see Justin Bieber movie. Oh my goodness it was soooo good! I came home and bought one of his albums and several other singles.

It was a really good birthday :)


This is me at the Feis yesterday. I had a blast! By far the best feis I've been to and it was the longest.

So my first dance was the reel. I really botched that one. The whole time I was dancing I kept thinking "Oh man I can tell that was bad, and my turnout is awful, geez I might as well give up." And when I checked my results, I hadn't even made the list (the score sheet only shows those who make the top 5). So I was a little bummed. I knew I wasn't good enough to move up a level at this competition, but I was at least hoping to be close. One of my really good friends found out at the same time that she got first! So she moved on to Prizewinner. She was so happy she started crying! She has been working for a really long time to get first.

Next was my light jig. I got 3rd. Good, but not quite there yet.

But my Slip Jig, boy have I been practicing for that one. I had been really working hard to get that one good, I practiced that one alone for a week. So when it cam…