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I can't believe I managed to find this picture. This is almost exactly what I looked like a split second before I broke my foot.
See how straight her back knee is? Well apparently my knees aren't straight enough to my dance teacher, so she drilled me, making me jump up and down on my left foot, right foot up, yelling "make that knee straight! It must be perfect!". She was in a really crappy mood. The kind where she criticizes every single wrong thing you do. "Knees straighter! Don't let your heels drop!"
So my knee was perfectly straight coming down. It didn't budge an inch! My ankle absorbed all the shock instead. I rolled it, and fell pretty hard on the side of my foot. That's the part that's actually broken, where I landed.

All my friends and their moms were so so so nice. They helped me out of the room, got me some ice and a sofa. I loved talking to them.

We went to a CareNow on friday, mostly just to make sure my foot was not broken. I was …