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We made it! And I'm loving it so far. It's very different from any other scout ranch that I've ever been to. There are a lot of women staff, which is awesome, overall the staff is different. Not as hippie-ish. I actually like the hippies.

I am assigned to Seally Canyon, which is technically not even on Philmont property. It's on land being leased to Philmont, so it's way out in the boonies. I haven't been out there yet, and I just can't wait to go! I've been doing a lot of training, mostly scouting policies n such. But this morning I spent 2 hours being trained on the basics of Search & Rescue (which is Seally Canyon's big program). I am so excited!!! I didn't know I would love learning about SAR so much, but it is so cool.
There are 3 other boys also assigned to SC, so me and my Camp Director are the only girls! It's going to be a long summer...

Holly is working in the trading post, and she says she's enjoying it. The trading post real…

New Title

Technically I will still be a teen for 2 years, but I figured it was still time to change the title.
In less than a week I leave to Philmont, and then straight on to Utah from there. I can't believe I'm actually leaving! I have been planning on going to cosmetology school since I first had the impression I should when I was 13. Feels pretty good :) Also pretty scary. Believe it or not, I'm nervous to leave home. My parents are my best friends, and I'll be sad to leave them. Thank goodness Dad is a pilot and my parents can visit me easily :)

Last Minute Changes

This is usually how it goes for families with flight benefits: We do plan and make schedules, but for the most part, we watch flights and GO whenever there is an opening. We didn't plan on going to Hawaii until the 20th. But the flights opened up today, and yesterday morning Madre came into my room to wake me up and let me know that we would be going to Hawaii the very next day. WAHOO!!!!

We had a great flight. Everyone got on, and we arrived here around 4. We got some yummy japanese food, and then spent the evening walking around the streets/beaches of Honolulu. Tomorrow is a full day of surfing, shave ice eating, and wave watching.

Super excited to be here!

Slow down!

A local feis is tomorrow. I'm super bummed I'll be missing it :( But I'm also supper grateful that the doc said it will only be another two weeks or so before I'm dancing again. AND I'll be completely healed in time for Philmont!

Some exciting news: Holly also got hired! She will be working at the Trading Post. I am SO excited that we'll be able to go up there together. For a time we were sure that Holly wasn't going to get a job up there, and I really didn't like the sound of going alone. But I knew I had a good feeling about applying in the first place, and once I did get hired, really going through with it (at that time I was certain Holly would be hired also). So I planned to go through with it whether Holly made it or not. Now I am so happy because I know that she'll be there too :)

The next few weeks are going to be busy. I am going to visit Caroline and the kids next week (over Andi's birthday!), and then the following week it's off to …