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The Valle Reopens!

I think I have finally settled in to HOD. I have the course nailed, and I'm taking about three crews out a day. I give a bajillion porch talks a day, answer questions, talk with Advisors, go on camp site checks, call in to Health Lodge when we have a sick camper, and I clean. A LOT. Life at HOD is extremely busy. We are up at 6:45 every morning, taking crews out on the course as early as 7:30, and we don't go to bed until at least 10:30. It's a long, tiring day. Not only is it draining because of all the walking, it's hard mentally. We have to be paying such close attention to the kids on the course, analyzing and figuring out what the crew needs help with the most. By the end of the day, I'm exhausted. Yet I manage to have so much fun! I love talking with the scouts and advisors and hanging with the staff.

So it only seems natural that now that I have settled in completely, they are yanking me out again! I found out this morning that the Valle Vidal is re-opening, …


Head of Dean is AWESOME! I love the staff. And the scenery. And the program. I just love it all! There are a total of 9 staff members, we are situated at the top of Dean Canyon with this beautiful view of the Colorado Rockies out in the distance. If I look hard enough, I can even see the general area Seally Canyon is in.

I definitely miss Seally. I miss the staff there, I miss taking my afternoon naps for sure. However I don't miss having to boil water for dishes, or having to do them in plastic tubs, and I definitely don't miss going without a shower for 9 days. At HOD, we have reception, running water, HOT water, and showers. It. Is. Amazing. It is also extremely busy. At Seally, we would generally have 1 crew a day. At HOD, we have 11 to 12 crews a day.

For the first couple of days I stayed around the main cabin, I would check in crews, give Porch Talks, answer questions, help with dinner, etc... Then they let me go with the experienced staff to see how a challenge course wa…