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"I'm here! I'm here! Where are you?"

That was the first text message I sent to Jenna. I'm so excited to be here :) Holly and I have settled in nicely already. Our apartment is small, and the old 80's wood panneling all over the walls drives me nuts, but we have spruced it up a little. At the first chance I could, I got my hands on an issue of Backpackers magazine, cut up most of the pictures, and they are now taped to my wall. We also realized we needed bookends for the book shelves, and being the cheap college students that we are, we went to the DI and bought random knick-knacks heavy enough to hold up the books. I'm so proud of my little bookends!

Here are Holly's little yellow Wellies that she found. We keep our spare change in it for laundry :)

Also we have a little chicken and can of tea. So cute!

And these ones are my little kokopeli jars.

I visited Aveda again, and I am more excited than I ever was before to start school. I still have quite a whi…

Finally back from the Backcountry... or so I thought.

Today we went through something called "gather". At the beginning of the summer, all of the Valle Vidal staff spent a day up in the Valle setting up yurts and tents. Two days later, we "scattered". We got our personal items, said goodbye to base camp friends , and we were shipped out to the backcountry for 9 days. Today, we "gathered". We packed up our personal items, took down the yurt and our tents, and we were shipped back out of the backcountry for good... or so I thought. I found out yesterday, that because I technically still have 3 days left to work, they are sending me to help gather a camp called Cypher's Mine. It's in the South/Central country. I've never been there, but I hear good things about it. Normally if I were to be working there, I would have to wear period clothing, since it's an interpretive camp. Thankfully, they are allowing me to wear my Philmont Reds.
We had a great last week at Seally! I hiked up to The Wall a few…

Final Countdown

It's almost over! I can't believe it. Only eleven more days. Today was our last day with crews, and I'm missing them. Oh well! Caroline decided last minute to let me go down to base for a short set. I think I'll be going back tomorrow.
Our last little bit at Seally is going to be extremely boring. It already is boring! We've had nothing to do. We have an entire week to clean and organize and pack up. I imagine I'll be spending a lot of my time at Whiteman and Ring Place. I've been hanging out a lot with those people. In the past 3 weeks, I've gone mountain biking twice! I love it! I think I might have found a new hobby. I even experienced my first crash the last time, and now I have some sweet scars to show for it :)
Eleven more days till I see Mom and Dad again. Fourteen more days until Holly and I move into our apartment. This is crazy!

Back to Seally

The first couple of days back at Seally Canyon were pretty hard, I'll admit. It's tough going from hot showers daily and running water, to boiling water for dishes, and taking sponge baths in small, metal wash tubs.
On the 24th, the Seally guys and I show up at Seally to find our yurt an absolute disaster. Rat and mouse turds EVERYWHERE. It was disgusting. So while all of the other staff members went and took a nap, I spent four hours scrubbing and bleaching the place like crazy.
At HOD we had this thing called "Cabin Duties". Whoever had cabin duties had to make sure that the cabin was kept clean that day. I tried introducing the idea with the Seally guys, and they weren't too thrilled with the idea. So I cleaned non-stop for a couple days, until Caroline got back, and set things straight.
Some of us (including me) really enjoyed the places we were sent to while the Valle was closed down, we especially missed the people there, so it was a rough couple of days tryin…