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Back at the beginning of school, Holly and I joined BYU's Wildlife and Range club. This week they had they're first camp out, in Ephraim. We stayed at one of Holly's professor's cabin way back in the mountains, and it was spectacular.

It is SO pretty here in the fall. I love it! Holly and I had quite the adventure trying to find this cabin. The other campers in the club left early, but since I had school until 7, Holly and I didn't leave until 8. So then we were trying to find this place on a huge mountain, in the dark. When we got lost, we called some of the club members, and eventually we managed to get there. We also got stuck in the mud before getting there. I could swear the map they gave us said "veer left" at the mud hole, but it actually said right. I was screaming "veer left! veer left!", and all it did was get us stuck. Luckily, Holly's little metro is so light, it didn't take much pushing to get it unstuck .

In the end, it was a…

JustCHin Bieber

Yeah... So this is what my roommates and I do during our homework breaks.
All I can say is... I love school! My class has 22 girls in it, and they are all wonderful. We have had no problems getting along, and we usually hang out with each other at lunch break.

This week we have been playing (literally) with makeup, and learning hand, scalp, and back massages. It doesn't feel like school at all! Most days, I go back to the apartment and put all my roommates to sleep by giving them facials and massages.

On Friday our kits finally came in! We went crazy! Several girls kept exclaiming that it felt like christmas. We spent about 3o minutes ripping open boxes and ooing and ahing over our new things.
This morning I woke up to a parade right outside of my apartment. It's Homecoming at BYU.

This happened on thursday. Snow! What the heck?! It's only the first week of October! I don't like it. It gives the impression that christmas is close by, but it's not even halloween yet. How deceitful!

It reminds me of the scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.…

Temple, Stitches, Toms, and Conference, in that order.

I love to see the temple :) And I see it every week! This week I went for the first time since I've been here. I loved it! I hadn't ever been in another temple, and it just dawned on me that there are a million other temples right here in Utah that I can go to. I love seeing and visiting new temples!
Here is the Provo Temple. Not the prettiest temple in the world (Jenna and I call it the "cupcake temple"), but it is gorgeous on the inside!

Jenna and I walked from her Grandparents house to the Timpanogos Temple yesterday. I plan on doing baptisms at this temple this week.

Last night Jenna and I went visited the Salt Lake Temple. We are convinced that Disney got their castle's look from this temple. It is so gorgeous. I would love to go inside someday.

Holly definitely had an exciting weekend! On Thursday night, Holly bent over her dresser to pick up a shirt (in the dark, mind you), and she smacked her head into the corner of the dresser. She hit the dresser so hard th…