Monday, September 26, 2011


I've finally started! After a month of watching my sister and roommates go to school everyday, and being so jealous, I have finally started and I am so happy!
I've already made a few friends, I love the people in my class, the teacher is awesome, everything is so COOL!!! And check out my "free" iPad :)
During breaks while the teacher was out of the classroom, the conversation in the room would inevitable include iPads. For a lot of us, the promise of an iPad was enough to convince us that this was the right school. The whole day we were wondering when we were going to get them, and about 2o minutes before school was out, the teacher passed them out! AH! I am so excited!

Today we mostly talked about Aveda, the mission statement, and where all of Aveda's ingredients come from. Basically we learned how the whole industry works. It. Is. Awesome.

Here is Holly, all ready for her first day of work as a concessions worker. She wanders around the stadium during the football games calling "Hot Daaaaaaaawwwwwwwwgggggssssss! Get your hot dawwwwgs!". Ain't she so cute?

On Saturday Holly and I went to the water-shed festival. It sounds kind of weird, but it was a lot of fun. And I won 4 free admission tickets to the aquarium in a raffle :) I wish I had some pictures! Holly spent about an hour total just staring at the pygmy owl and a peregrine falcon.

Here's my recent battle scar from my encounter with the frying pan.

It's a lot bigger in real life.

Speaking of battle scars... At FHE (Family Home Evening) tonight, our group played Ultimate Frisbee with another FHE group. We ended the game when one of the guys dove for the frisbee, landing on the pavement. Everything seemed fine, until he noticed a bent finger. It was totally broken, and in the grossest way ever. He freaked out and I'm pretty sure he started going into a shock. Yikes! Last we heard, he was off to the doc to get it fixed.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Week

My roommates caught a cold last weekend, but I didn't worry about. I had been very good thus far. I thought, "I've been eating my vegetables, going to bed by 10 pm, and exercising regularly. There is no reason for me to get sick!" Then came the cookie dough. Big. Mistake. I made a huge batch on Sunday night, I then proceeded to eat most of it, and by the next morning I felt horrible. I managed to get out and do some job hunting that day, and I actually had an interview at Red Lobster! But the rest of the week I did nothing but online applications while watching hours of British tv-mini series'. If you have not seen the Masterpiece Theater's version of Emma, I highly recommend it. It's my favorite :)

Tonight I had my orientation for Aveda! I only have one week left before I start! I have been looking forward to starting school for weeks now, and I'm very excited for it, but I'm also wishing I had a little more time. I still need a job! I have been searching for 4 weeks now, and gotten nothing! I checked back with Red Lobster today, and they told me I was no longer being considered for the job :( Maybe I am horrible at interviewing? I don't know. I thought the interview went well! I have resigned myself to working whatever comes my way. Tomorrow I am going to apply to fast food. I told myself I could never work fast food, but right now, I really don't care. Please! Just give me something!!!

I can not wait until I can start working as a hair stylist. At the orientation tonight, they really stressed that each of their graduated students would get a chance to immediately start working as a hair stylist. Everyone has the option of working in an Aveda Salon right off the bat, but if you choose not to, they will help you get into another nice salon. I haven't quite thought that far ahead, but it's nice knowing that I already have some options.

Today I hiked the Y again. I think I am starting to acclimate to this place. Though it's higher elevation than Texas, it's much lower than I'm used to. I spent the summer at about 8,000 ft. But I am determined to climb the Y once a week. For now. At some point I hope to get it in more than that.
I talked to a lady this morning who climbs it every day! She started after me, but quickly passed me up, and then came running back down, all before I reached the top! I told her that she was my idol. She stopped and we talked for a while. She's been hiking up the Y everyday for a long time, and has even done it when the snow was thigh-deep!

Wish me luck this week! It's my last free week to find a job!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Waiting... Just Waiting.

Each day I think "______ more days until I'm in school!" I can't wait. I have know for five years what I wanted to do, and now I am ready to start.

I remember being thirteen, and sitting in the chair just about to get my hair cut. The hairdresser began prepping and watering down my hair, and I had this overwhelming, wonderful feeling come over me. I knew immediately what I wanted to do "when I grow up". Just the idea of it gave me such a good feeling.
I told Mom the moment we got in the car. I'm not sure if she believed me just then, but she was entertained by the idea. She was probably imagining all the free haircuts and high lighting sessions she could get for free ;) She looked into it, and talked to the hair dresser a little. Dad certainly didn't think I was serious. When I would tell him that Cosmetology was definitely what I wanted to do, he would just say "well, we'll see. Maybe in a couple years if you are still interested, we'll look into it." When he would say that, I would get so mad, because I was so sure. I didn't really think it was my choice. I knew I was supposed to go to Cosmetology School.
Now I'm here!... almost. Just 2 more weeks! I am so excited.

So now I am just waiting. And looking for a job. I've applied to 25 places so far. At first, I thought that was a pretty good number. Now I think that it's pretty small number, and in the time that I have been here I should have applied to at least 50. I have gone to a few places to follow up with managers, and most of them don't have any good news for me. At the end of each day I feel so disappointed. How am I supposed to survive here without a job!? I need to be here for at least 18 months. That's 18 months of rent... and food... and electricity... and gas... and clothes... and this is just ridiculous! I wish it could be just like in The Host. The book about all those aliens that take over the planet and all the humans, and they all have to do some kind of mandatory work, but they get all their food for free. They just waltz into a grocery store and grab what they want. That would be so much simpler!

I try to "work" throughout the week, and give myself Saturday and Sunday to just relax. That way I can have some sort of fun. I hang out with Jenna and Lauren a lot. On labor day we went the Bridal Veil falls. We took trails (for the most part) all the way up to the third waterfall, and then took what we thought was a trail back down, but it turned out to just a rocky landslide. We slid on our butts the whole way down.

The mountains here are beautiful. I LOVE seeing them right outside my window. I love riding my bike around hills. Speaking of my bike...
I am SO glad I decided to take it here with me! I ride my bike everywhere. I take it to the store to get last minute stuff, I ride it to Jenna's dorm, and I ride it to the library almost everyday. I installed this bike rack myself. And I didn't have any instructions. AND I didn't ask a guy for help. HA! I try to use my bike to save gas, and as a way to get some exercise in. I refuse– REFUSE to get the Freshman 15. Nope. Not happening. So I'm eating my vegetables everyday. I made a casserole for the first time a couple days ago. It turned out pretty well!

Holly and I had to buy a laundry card yesterday. What. A. Rip. Off. It cost 2 bucks just to buy one in the first place, and then just one load of wash costs $2.15. There was NO way we were going to spend another 2 bucks drying it, so we bought a clothesline instead. It works pretty well, if you don't mind it taking a day to dry, and having stiff clothes, because we won't buy fabric softener either.

Here are my lovely roommates, Brooke (left), and Rose (Right). They found out that I am an Irish Dancer, and they wanted to learn a jig. So here they are practicing a Light Jig.

I love my roommates! They act very much the way Holly and I do together. They are crazy, sing impromptu songs, and they LOVE watching Jane Austen. We are the perfect bunch :)

Tomorrow means back to work! I'm off to find a job first thing. Wish me luck!