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Update your blog, Caroline.

I suppose I can't get upset when I check my sister's blog and she hasn't updated it, seeing as how I hardly ever update mine. But now I have, so I expect a weeks worth of pictures from you, Caroline!

 School and work, school and work, that's my whole life right now. I have no time for anything else!

 Every year we have a holiday hair and makeup show, and this year's theme was Steam Punk. My roommate, Hayley, was awesome. She has some legit modeling experience! So she looked pretty good walkin' down that runway.

Hair show days are always long, stressful, busy days, but you manage to have so much fun. 

To save gas, I have been spending my lunch hours at the school, usually on my iPhone, doing something stupid like the above picture. I downloaded an app that simulates plastic surgery. Here I have a nose job, a lip injection, and face lift. I look pretty good, don't I?

I did it on my friend, Brooke, and I think it actually looks like it could be real. Out of…

Happy Thanksgiving!

My work has been closed this whole week for Thanksgiving, so I took advantage of the little extra time to get some more hours at school. I want to graduate ASAP!

We have a Steam Punk themed hair and makeup show coming up this December, and yesterday I went to school to help with a little "preview" of the show. I think some of these photos will be put on flyers and posters to help advertise the event.

I worked on a team with two other girls, and this was our model:

Kinda, cool, huh? I don't know if they'll actually allow us to use the photo above... I'm not a big fan of guns, but apparently that's very Steam Punk. Don't worry, we have other photos without the guns...

 Today I celebrated Thanksgiving with Vanessa. First we went to my favorite spot up Provo canyon. It was lovely today. A little on the cold side, but very sunny :)

Then we went to Cracker Barrel. Who knew that Cracker Barrel was such a popular place to eat on Thanksgiving! It was packed!


I'm Grateful

What an eventful couple of weeks! Since it is the month of November, and Thanksgiving is close, I think I'll try to open with "I'm grateful" instead of "so...".

I'm very grateful that I was able fly down to Texas for a couple days. Holly's bridal shower was lovely, and I'm so happy that I was actually able to attend a shower before having to host one a week later.

I'm grateful for Texas sunsets. I can't tell you how much I have missed these. Yes, mountains are beautiful, but I'd trade a mountain sunset for a Texas sunset any day.

I am grateful for BBQ. Utah does not have very good BBQ, or very good Mexican food. I got to have both when I was in Texas. Basically, I'm just grateful for Texas. It's a hard state to beat. I have been to many other states, and Texas is still my favorite. Though Hawaii is pretty great, too...

As much as I miss Texas and sometimes wish I had never left, I am grateful for my friends here, and my sc…

Happy Halloween

Costume number 1: Boy Scout! Holly had this awesome military-style hat, and all I needed were the knee highs and I was set! Jenna was a pirate, and the other dude... I have no clue what his name is, I don't think we've ever met, but he made an awesome Joker and I really wanted a picture with him!

Isn't this the coolest pumpkin ever!? I carved it on a sunday night, set it outside of my door to show off, and the next morning as I walked out to my car to go to school, remnants of my beloved pumpkin were scattered all over the pavement. Some jerk went around smashing everyone's pumpkins the night before! On the Sabbath of all nights!

Costume Number 2: Peter Pan! I wore this one to school. A couple of my friend's dressed as Tiger Lily and Tinker Bell, and we managed to find a pirate to complete it.

And then we found a Rufio, which is even better!

All in all it was a very fun halloween. I had to work on Halloween night, but we were allowed to dress up, and I did my make…


Cosmetology girl problems. That's what the hash tag means. Don't worry, I don't use that phrase seriously, I just know that if one my fellow classmates was to title this blog post, she'd probably give it a name like that.

I changed my hair yesterday. Big surprise, I know. So as I was thinking upon all my many changes, I thought it would be fun to create a montage of my hair throughout school.

This was me on my first day at school. I had done absolutely nothing with my hair up to this point. I had just spent an entire summer living in a tent in the middle of the wilderness, and I was struggling to get back into the whole doing-your-hair thing. Thank goodness I have curly hair! That pretty much saved me.

My first item of business? Cut the mullet. As pixie cuts grow out, they tend to get very heavy and bulky in the back, thus giving the mullet effect. Very un-cool. If you're gonna grow yours out, you gotta stay on top of the mullet!

This is sad to admit... but a lot…


He's not even one day old yet, but I'm already obsessed with him. This is the first of my sister's babies that I haven't been able to hold and cuddle with right after he was born. It's killing me! I want to be in Michigan right now.

Look! He's waving at me. I must be his favorite aunt...

I love this picture. This is just the cutest bunch of kids I have ever seen. I love them!

Apparently Andi is having her world rocked with this new baby, but she seems to enjoy rubbing his head. I'm sure they'll all get along, and be the cutest family in the world!

I miss you guys! I wish I was in Michigan with you! Only a couple months until I get to hold this little guy!