Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's About Time

It's about time that I updated. Problem is... there's not much for me to update about.

Here's some pictures from my latest outdoor adventures. This is a little place up Spanish Fork Canyon, called Red Rocks Park. It's literally this random little patch of red rocks, with a couple picnic benches and that's it. It's pretty and quiet, and a nice place to go on Sunday mornings.

As you can see, I really love just taking drives up random canyons and roads. Utah really does have some of the most beautiful back drops in all of America.

One of my resolutions this year is to summit this sucker: Mt. Timpanogos. It's the tallest peak around, at just under 12,000 ft. Not too bad actually. Baldy was bigger. Timp just looks huge.

Last Monday, my phase started on the clinic floor. On Tuesday I had my first client. I had managed to dodge bullets the whole afternoon, but eventually I couldn't avoid it, and I had to take someone. I was so nervous. But it turned out great. She just needed a trim with a little layering, so it was a super easy cut, and she liked it :)

I feel SO much better now. I think I picked the right career after all.

Because our phase is new and there are so many students above us who are better and more experienced, and therefore, get a lot of clients every day, we aren't getting many clients when we are on the floor. So we are having to find ways of keeping each other entertained!

I had some extra Henna last Friday that I brought to class, and I gave everyone Henna tattoos. Someday I'd like to set up a booth at a state fair, or arts festival, and charge to give Henna tattoos. It was a ton of fun :)
It's kind of hard to see this one, but it's a feather.

Another thing we've been doing since we've had no clients and been very bored... we've been experimenting on each others hair. Here, Lexi is trimming my hair. It's been fun to watch the transformation. Up till this point, not many girls have changed their hair. Now that we have time and a large resource, we're goin' crazy! A few girls have gotten highlights, melts, and a couple have put pink and purple in their hair. I don't think I'll go very crazy... but you never know.

Meet my new buddy! Yeah... He was probably the stupidest spur of the moment decision I've made since I've been here, but I just had to have him! I brought him back before reading the contract to make sure pets were allowed (c'mon, it's a fish. ONE fish.), but I've worked it out with the management. I just had to write a letter requesting permission from the landlord, and they're pretty sure I'll be able to keep him. I love this little guy!