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Well this was an interesting birthday. I loved it! It was my first one away from home/parents. Weird.
I started it off at good ole' work. I usually work in the evenings, but one of the girls switched shifts with me, and I was able to work in the morning, and finish early so Holly and I could go out.

Our first stop was In N Out. I had a cheeseburger with no meat and a strawberry shake. Yum!

Then we went to Parks City, and checked out the outlet malls. Columbia was by far my favorite store. They were having huge sales, and I was so tempted to buy some fleece, but my closet is already so overrun with it, I couldn't bring myself to buy more.
Holly, however, found this parka. It'll be perfect for when she and Gared go Skiing/Snowboarding. She got it for more than 75% off. Steal!!!

The highlight of my entire day, however, was the Bald Eagle that we saw sitting on the ice on a lake that we drove by. Holly and I were chatting as we were driving, and she just casually mentioned at the …


I have learned a little bit of waxing at school, like eyebrows, and nose, but I have been really interested in trying out some legs and arms.

I figured that the principle applies anywhere really, and so I decided to wax my legs! I have been growing out my leg hairs since before Christmas, and I have been so excited to finally wax them. They were getting pretty gross. I used a pot wax, meaning wax in a little container that's supposed to go inside a little crock-pot to get warm, but I just put it in some boiling water, and that worked just as well.

I had to spread it with a knife, because I couldn't find any popsicle sticks and Walmart. But I wouldn't suggest that. The wax is really hard to remove from the applicator. And from your hands. However, I did find that it came off easier with vegetable oil.
I had to have Holly wax the first leg, until I got the courage to try waxing myself. It really doesn't hurt too bad! And I find that I really enjoy it. Maybe someday I will l…


While I've been here in Utah, I've become very familiar with the term "seasonal depression". It's something almost everyone here complains about, and up until today, I thought it was a total myth, something people just made up.

Today it almost got into the 60's. The sun was shining, it felt warm, and it was absolutely gorgeous out. For wellness (some sort of activity our class does on a daily basis to promote good health, peace of mind, blah blah blah) we went to a nearby park and just sat in the sun for an hour.

I'll tell ya, I felt so happy today. It was funny how after sitting outside comfortably in the sun for just an hour perked my day up.

Of course, I think this weather is deceiving. It's not spring yet. Apparently it snowed in June last year... I hope June gets here fast!

Moab Arch Swing

One of my friends from school has gotten a group together, and in late April or May, we are going to take a weekend and go do this. I am so. stoked.

Mom: don't watch until after I've already done it ;P

Roommate Recreation

Guess who got a fancy camera for christmas? Our lovely, talented, film-major roommate, Brooke. Lucky for all of us roommates, she loves practicing and taking pictures, and we are all too willing to be her models :)

It's become a Sunday tradition for us. I find the cool spots, Brooke brings her camera, and all of us roommates go take pictures. It's a lot of fun :) This last sunday we took pictures at the trail head for Rock Canyon. It's in the canyon on the right of Y Mountain, and it is gorgeous.

As you can see from the pictures, I dyed my hair again. Highlights are for the summer, and I can't see summer coming anytime soon, so I decided it was time to go dark. I'll probably stay like this for a while. One, it was a huge pain trying to go back to brown, and two, I was born with brown hair and I think I just look better that way. Not messin' around with blonde again.

We spent about 2 days trying to get my hair back to brown. First, we had to pre-color it red, which…