My apologies. I'm a terrible blogger! To be quite honest though, nothing is new! But I think that's going in change here in the next couple weeks...

 Here are some pictures from the most recent hike that I went on. Can you believe that the trail head is literally a ten minute drive from my apartment?

 This is called Rock Canyon, and it's the canyon just to the left of Y Mountain. It's super close, moderate hiking difficulty, and it's pretty!

 It is also very popular. I ran into a few dirty hippies on my way up, but after about 30 minutes of straight hiking, the pavement stops, and the trail turns into a very nice dirt trail, it's farther back in the canyon, and it literally feels like you are in the middle of nowhere!

 It's a new favorite hike of mine :)

 School is going just as well. I have graduated from Water Phase, and I am now in Fiiiiiiiiiyaaaaaa! We are excited to move on in the program and actually learn some things (Water Phase was mostly a review of Earth Phase), however, we absolutely ADORED our teacher Rachael. She is a gorgeous woman, both inside and out, and she really connected with us well. We were heartbroken when we had to get a new teacher.
 Our new teacher is trying hard, and proving himself pretty well, actually. We are a tough class to please, and so far we like him. He's the first man-teacher we've had, which can be kind of awkward sometimes since our ENTIRE class is made up of girls and we talk about a lot of very girlie things, and we are absolutely shameless about it. We are also his very first class he's ever taught, so he's still getting the hang of it. Aveda is very unique. It's totally unlike the rest of the hair world, so I can imagine that it is hard teaching other confused young students about something you are not very familiar with either.
He's also 21 years old. Enough said.

 Today we had cleaning checks! It's the end of the school year, and my roommates are leaving. New roommates are coming in, and there's lots of change. I'm very sad to be saying goodbye to my roommates, but I'm looking forward to change and meeting new people. One of my roommates will be living in London for 5 weeks on a film internship this summer, and the other will be living in Rome for 18 months where she just got called to serve a mission! I am so excited for the both of them... and a little jealous.
Before taking down all of the art and posters off the walls, I had to take a picture of our quote board. It's hard to read them from the picture, but it proves that we have had a lot of good laughs this year. I will miss them so much!

I'm feeling the urge. I. Need. To. Cut. My. Hair. I was watching a movie last night called Confessions of a Shopaholic, and something that she talked about stuck out to me. The main character who has the addiction to shopping, said that the world just felt like a better place when she was shopping, and that's why she couldn't stop. Because it just felt so good!
Well that's how I feel about hair. When I'm cutting other peoples hair, when I'm getting my own hair cut, the world just feels like a better place. That's why I can't stop cutting my hair!!!
So this has been my latest debate. Should I go back to the Emma Watson Pixie? IT'S SO CUTE!!! The one and ONLY thing that is holding me back, is that I have to wear a hat for work, and without the bangs, I feel like I would look too much like a boy. I already feel like I look like a boy with the hat on. I hate it! I hate that hat! And I need to find another job that's closer to home anyways, so maybe I should wait to cut it until I've found another job that doesn't require me to wear a hat... But really, a 6 hour shift with a hat is not the end of the world. Sure, some customers might call me "sir" once or twice, or I might be mistaken for a lesbian (one of my co-workers did ask me if I was one the other day, but he's an idiot!)... oh but it's so worth it. Look how cute that hair is!!!
Help me out guys: To cut, or not to cut?


Caroline said…
No, a pixie cut is very different than a boy cut. You wouldn't look like a boy, nor would you look like a lesbian. If you like the pixie, DO IT. :)

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