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FP Appreciation Day

Here's some pictures from a friendly class competition we did yesterday.

 We had a group, had to pick a model and a theme, and do the hair and makeup. Simple. Easy. Fun. We chose the theme of nature, and up here we have kind of a polluted, industrial styled nature, with bits of tin foil and trash in her messy hair. The model looks upset, but she's really not. That's just how she looks all the time hahaha.
 And then here is the "natural nature" theme. Kind of an Eve look. Very simple and easy. Those are real leaves.
 The other class chose a fire theme, and it turned out super super cool.
 The dude that you can barely see in the back is our teacher. He was a grouch. Hence the reason why we spent the morning playing with hair and makeup, rather than actually learning anything. I mean, we were gaining experience and being creative, which I good I guess, but I was still upset that we didn't really do anything new.
Yesterday was FP (Future Professional) Appre…

Good Week :)

What a wonderful week this was (or has been so far, since I guess the week isn't quite over). I was able to enjoy myself a little more at school, which has become increasingly difficult since the new guy started teaching. He can be a little bit of a fun-sucker. 

This is the little laundry door in between the laundry room and the shampoo room. I thought it would be fun to try and squeeze through it on tuesday, and let me tell you, I have never felt so good about myself than when I managed to fit through that thing. I seriously was in the best mood the rest of the day!

Holly and I found Blue Bell Ice Cream today :) How awesome is that!? There's a little shopping center nearby called The Riverwoods, and it reminds me a lot of South Lake Town Center in TX, only a little bit smaller. They have a surf shop there, of all shops! But attached to it is like a little indoor pier. Lots of little arcade games, indoor surfing, and a Blue Bell ice cream parlor :)