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I love Twiggy. I think she was so cute, and unique.

I love her crazy, wacky makeup style. And so I tried to copy it!

 What do you think?

It's not as extreme as her's, maybe a look that I would actually wear on a daily basis.

 I love playing with makeup, and I still keep the whole special effects makeup idea open. Maybe in a few years, if I want to pursue it, I will. Either way, I love doing these look-a-likes. Maybe I'll make it a weekly thing.

Air Phase

Fire Phase is finally over! It was a very trying phase, but we still managed to have some fun.

 We went on a school hike a couple of weeks ago, and it was absolutely beautiful. We all agreed to a "no complaining" rule before we started on the hike, and after the first few steps (literally, just a couple steps) we had girls complaining and slowing down.
After we all finally reached the point where no one would go any further, a couple of us hiked on for a couple more minutes, and found this gorgeous view. All those other girls sure missed out!

 Jenna, Sierra, and Holly and I cheered on Gared at one of his football games on Tuesday night. They lost, but it was still fun to watch and sit and talk with friends :)

So I am very excited for this new phase. We have a new teacher who has had a LOT of experience teaching at several different schools, and he's been in the industry for a long time. I am so relieved. Everything is looking good!

Hi, My Name is Kimberly.

I know that my birth certificate says that my name is Emma, and I was born in 1993, but that was all a big mistake; that was plan B. My theory is... God must have just forgotten about me, so I was born a few years later than originally planned.
Here's plan A: My name is Kimberly, and I was born in 1960. I imagine that I would have had long, straight hair with a middle part. I probably wore wedges and those ridiculous yet so cute bell-bottom jeans. I don't like to think that I'd be a pot head, but I do dig the hippie scene. Above all, I would have been in New York in June 1977 to see Led Zeppelin perform at Madison Square Gardens.

 Sometimes when I listen to their music, I genuinely feel an aching in my heart that I never got to go to one of their concerts and hear them live. I just want to be in the 70's so badly! I love the hair, I love the fashion, and I love the music! I would have been fine without the cell phones and computers, in fact, I probably would ha…

Home Sweet Home

Last week I was able to jump on a plane last minute and visit home for the first time in a year. I missed home so much, and it was nice to see Texas again. However, I think the visit might have done more bad than good. I didn't want to leave! And I still wish I was in Texas.

 Look at that sunset. Isn't it so pretty? Mountains are nice, but sometimes I feel claustrophobic.

  I was able to go to church on Sunday, and see a lot of old friends. All my little young women from my Laurel President days have grown up so much!  I also got to visit the jewelry shop where I had my first job. There have been a lot of changes there, too.

 I got to see a Texas thunderstorm :) Utah hardly ever has thunderstorms, and if it does, it's a short, puny little thing.

My last night home, we went to a Fort Worth Cats game, and sat front row right behind first base. It was awesome! There was a lot of trash talking from the audience, which was a little upsetting. I understand it when people…