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New Apartment

These past couple of weeks have been very busy ones. Last Thursday was the move out date in my apartment, and the move IN date to my new apartment wasn't until the following Monday. That's four days that I was basically homeless. Luckily, my old apartment stayed empty for those four days, so I continued hide there, hoping my car wouldn't get towed from the parking lot, and no office people would stumble in to the apartment to discover that I was still living there.

During my lunch break on monday, and over the course of several school breaks, I managed to move the majority of my things into the new apartment.
I also had a job interview at the Awful Waffle monday evening. Same place that Jenna works. And guess what? I got the job! I'm stoked to be starting the job on Wednesday.
Monday night I also drove to Lehi to give my two weeks at Culver's. I can honestly say that I will miss that job. I loved the people, my boss was great, I loved working with one of my best f…