New Apartment

 These past couple of weeks have been very busy ones. Last Thursday was the move out date in my apartment, and the move IN date to my new apartment wasn't until the following Monday. That's four days that I was basically homeless. Luckily, my old apartment stayed empty for those four days, so I continued hide there, hoping my car wouldn't get towed from the parking lot, and no office people would stumble in to the apartment to discover that I was still living there.

During my lunch break on monday, and over the course of several school breaks, I managed to move the majority of my things into the new apartment.
I also had a job interview at the Awful Waffle monday evening. Same place that Jenna works. And guess what? I got the job! I'm stoked to be starting the job on Wednesday.
Monday night I also drove to Lehi to give my two weeks at Culver's. I can honestly say that I will miss that job. I loved the people, my boss was great, I loved working with one of my best friends who also happens to be a schoolmate. I was afraid when I first started the job that we wouldn't get along. I didn't know Ali very well, and if things didn't go well at work, then I was going to have to see her at school as well. The whole situation could have been very bad, but it turns out that Ali and I work together very well, and I absolutely love spending time with her. She is definitely one of my best friends here in Utah.
However, I will not miss the 30 minute commute from Provo to Lehi. Gas prices just keep getting higher and higher, and hopefully a job just 5 minutes away will help with the gas budget.

So back to Monday. Monday night I had most of my things moved it, with a significantly smaller amount of space to fit it in compared to my old apartment. That meant a trip to Wal*Mart to pick up of storage containers. I was up until about 2 a.m. unpacking. Blegh.
Got up at 7 the next morning. Unpacked some more, and then packed for Texas. Holly and I managed to make it on a full flight that afternoon, and we were in Texas around 5.

 I miss home more and more. You just can't beat that sunset. Mountains are beautiful, but I'll always love flat, wide open spaces. I tend to experience something like island fever here in Utah. I can step outside and look in any direction, and I am enclosed by mountains. I'm trapped!

It was great to spend time with family. I miss the days when they were just around the corner!
My time in Texas consisted of several theater trips to see some movies (Bourne Legacy, Dark Knight Rises, and 2016). We went out to eat several times. Holly, Mom and I shopped and got some pretty good deals. I saw friends, went to church at my old ward, helped out the crew with Philmont stuff, and consequently decided that I want to go back to Philmont next summer!
I played with Rusty, who is not a puppy anymore. He's a beast. And he drools.
I introduced the iPhone game "Words with Friends" to Dad. Caroline and I have been playing and competing in a little verbal jousting, and I must say she is kicking my butt. She does have the English Major on her side, if that makes any difference...

 The week ended all too soon. It's always hard to say goodbye. I am just so grateful that my Dad is a pilot. That makes visiting home a lot easier.
Only a few more weeks, and Mom and Dad will be up here for a BYU game and General Conference. I'm already excited!

So this is the mess I had to come home to. Jenna still hasn't unpacked, and I still have some stuff lying around that I just can't find a space for yet.
My bed is rock hard. I have two foam mattress pads, several big comforters, two body pillows, two regular pillows, and a few more blankets. Between all of this I should be able to sleep without waking up sore.

At least I got all of my clothes hung up. 

Here's me with my latest love. A laptop! Which I am using right now to update this blog. Thanks Mom and Dad! I think my collection of Apple products is finally complete :)


Lana said…
Emma I am so happy you and Jenna are living together. I hope she unpacks some day
Caroline said…
:) I love when you update your blog! And YAY! for new computer! Might that mean we'll get more updates?

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