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Life is Good

Here's another photo just for you, Mom.

Look at all of the healthy things I am getting! I only got one can of spagettios, and I got sprouts and lettuce and tofu and peas and tuna...

I found this in the tub this week. It's hair. I huge hair ball. It was clogging the drain and I pulled it out. I definitely have NOT contributed to this!

I had a friend come visit me at work this week, and leave a message on one of the tables. I love having visitors! Hopefully Mom and Dad will be able to come see me when they visit in a couple weeks :)

One of my school friends got married on Friday, and a bunch of us went to her lovely reception.

When we started school we all predicted that someone would get married, and someone would get pregnant. Both have happened!

Our toilet flooded today. And guess who fixed it? Me! I have no clue how toilets work, but I just lifted the top, pulled a couple levers and voila! It stopped flooding. Then I just used the plunger. Easy peasy. 

Here's my newly…


So I noticed that I tend to begin my posts with "so". I'm "So Average Adult" and I like to say so. Oh well.
So work is great. I love it. A free waffle or crepe every shift, no matter how long or short? You just can't beat that! Yeah, I might get fat, but these waffles are soooooo goooooood...

 I made this waffle the other day. It's a Liege Waffle, with strawberries and nutella. It's exactly what I had the very first time Jenna and I had waffles in Belgium.

 Jenna and Clayton and I spent several hours together at the A's on Sunday night. We were waiting for Dani to have her baby so we could run over there and see her. She is the cutest little thing! As a side note for Caroline: She used a method called Hyponobirthing, I don't know if you've ever heard of it, but it seriously sounds like the coolest thing in the world. You should check it out. Oh, and I have been getting your constant messages about the vegetarian enchiladas, sorry I have…

For Mom

This one is just for you, Mom :)

My bed is made. And my room is all organized and clean!

My kitchen is also very clean.

One of our roommates was able to supply the living room with some very homey decorations. A few pillows and some plants, and it makes everything look that much better!

I'm eating lots of healthy organic stuff (ignore the Ramens in the back round). I got a few of these quinoa packets. Haven't tried it yet but I'm sure it'll taste fine. Also one of our bishopric members brings baskets of fresh vegetables  from his garden every week to ward prayer, and I got some of those.

I am trying to be very social. Yesterday I went to the break the fast and ward prayer. Tonight I went to FHE. We played games and ate s'mores.
I also played the piano in sacrament meeting yesterday. I didn't have a chance to mess around with the organ beforehand, so they told me to just stick to the piano until I had gotten familiar with the organ. I think I'll stay l…