Cosmetology girl problems. That's what the hash tag means. Don't worry, I don't use that phrase seriously, I just know that if one my fellow classmates was to title this blog post, she'd probably give it a name like that.

I changed my hair yesterday. Big surprise, I know. So as I was thinking upon all my many changes, I thought it would be fun to create a montage of my hair throughout school.

This was me on my first day at school. I had done absolutely nothing with my hair up to this point. I had just spent an entire summer living in a tent in the middle of the wilderness, and I was struggling to get back into the whole doing-your-hair thing. Thank goodness I have curly hair! That pretty much saved me.

My first item of business? Cut the mullet. As pixie cuts grow out, they tend to get very heavy and bulky in the back, thus giving the mullet effect. Very un-cool. If you're gonna grow yours out, you gotta stay on top of the mullet!

This is sad to admit... but a lot of my friends don't remember what my hair looked like when I first started school. They can picture me as elastagirl with the bob, but that's pretty much it.

 Once I had gotten it cut, the most obvious thing to do next was to play around with the color. Highlights!

Wanna hear something reeeeally sad? My friends admit that they don't remember me AT ALL when my hair was in the bob. 

So off with the bob! I needed a pixie cut again. Even if my hair is just a short bob, if there's too much covering my ears, I'll hide behind it. Weird, I know.

 I kept up with the blonde. I have never been really blonde, and this was dead of winter, so I think I was trying to hold on to summer a little bit.

A month or so went by, my hair grew a little bit, and I added more blonde. I think this is the most blonde I've ever been, and it didn't take long for me to decide that I don't really look that good blonde.

Back to brown! With a stop at red on the way. This was in February. On the 13th, to be exact.

What I really wanted was a nice chocolate brown. It got pretty dark!

Then for more chopping! Bring on the Emma Watson!

 I went the entire summer keeping up the dark brown, and once autumn came, it was time to hold on to summer using a lighter hair color. This was pretty spontaneous. I just randomly decided one day to bleach my hair. Worst. Idea. Ever. I bleached it, and it turned orange. Tried to tone it, and it turned green. Added some red to combat the green. Turned red, green, and brown. Bleached it again, back to orange. Added some blue/violet with a little yellow/orange so it wouldn't turn green again, and I got... brownish/goldish/orange? I actually love this color, and I was glad I did it in the end. It turned out a total accident, but I was fun!

And this is my hair as of today. I colored it a tad darker, and it has a lot more copper/red in it. I also cut it again. Don't worry Mom/Holly! If you don't like the color, I still have plenty of time to change it before the wedding ;)


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