Thumbs up!

Thumbs up! This was a good week! I spent a lot of time at work, made some tips from school, and spent time with my friends.

 Last week we experimented with putting beer in our hair at school. It's supposed to swell the hair, and give it more volume. Can't say it really worked on my short hair, but some of the other long haired girls noticed a huge difference. So if you want some great volume before a dance or special occasion, wash your hair with beer the night before.

I can't believe how well all of us roommates get along. We spend many nights up late talking, pranking, running around, and participating in the general college atmosphere.

 Today at school we took a field trip up the canyon. It is so beautiful right now. All of the leaves are turning, it's in the 70's during the day, and it feels like fall! My roommates are very festive and the whole apartment is decorated in cobwebs, skulls, pumpkin candles, etc... I love autumn. And I think Halloween might be my very favorite holiday.

 I remember visiting these falls almost a year ago when I first came to Utah. Can you believe that it's been a year? It went by so incredibly fast, it feels like I got here just yesterday.

 It was great spending some time outside, taking pictures and goofing around with friends.

Here's most of my Aveda class. And one of our classmates, Lauren, is having an "Aveda Baby" as we call it. We are SO excited for her.


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