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Update your blog, Caroline.

I suppose I can't get upset when I check my sister's blog and she hasn't updated it, seeing as how I hardly ever update mine. But now I have, so I expect a weeks worth of pictures from you, Caroline!

 School and work, school and work, that's my whole life right now. I have no time for anything else!

 Every year we have a holiday hair and makeup show, and this year's theme was Steam Punk. My roommate, Hayley, was awesome. She has some legit modeling experience! So she looked pretty good walkin' down that runway.

Hair show days are always long, stressful, busy days, but you manage to have so much fun. 

To save gas, I have been spending my lunch hours at the school, usually on my iPhone, doing something stupid like the above picture. I downloaded an app that simulates plastic surgery. Here I have a nose job, a lip injection, and face lift. I look pretty good, don't I?

I did it on my friend, Brooke, and I think it actually looks like it could be real. Out of…