Sunday, July 29, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

 Thanks to the best parents in the world, I was able to see the North American Hairstyling Awards in Las Vegas last weekend. I had so much fun, and it was so great to get out of Provo for a couple of days.

 I went with five other girls from my class. On friday night we drove from Provo to St. George, where we stayed at one of the girls' parents house.By 1 the next afternoon, we were in Vegas! Our first stop was the Fashion Show Mall. I spent a total of three hours in a two story Forever 21. It was so big, after 3 hours, I still hadn't seen everything.
I was a little stressed out because I didn't have a dress for the show, and I had to find something there. Luckily I did find a cute dress. It's lacy and pink and... well I have pictures.
 That night we went out to eat, but stopped by Ceasars Palace first to visit the biggest H&M in North America. It's three stories tall.

We managed to squash all 5 of us into a room at the Stratosphere fairly comfortably, although trying to get ready with only one mirror between all of us was rather difficult.
After dinner we visited the very top of the Stratosphere, and saw a really incredible view of the strip.
We got a little crazy as well.

 The club at the top was playing really loud music, so although we weren't allowed inside, we still had fun dancing around the outside of it. Don't worry, hardly anybody was up there so late, so we didn't make too big of fools of ourselves. 
 The next morning, some of the girls went for rides at the top of the stratosphere. I hate free falls, and especially paying $15 bucks for them, so I just checked out the view during the day. It's not nearly as exciting. In fact, it's quite ugly. Vegas is just an ugly place during the day. 

 Sunday night was NAHA! We ate at the Grand Lux Cafe beforehand, and then headed straight over to Mandalay Bay for the show.

 It. Was. Incredible. It makes me rethink just being a regular ole hairstylist. Maybe going big picture would be fun. We'll see. I have time to decide. 
 Aveda put on a big show, more than any of the other company's, so I felt like kind of a big deal, knowing that I was apart of the "Aveda Network".
 The winner of the Student Hairstylist of the Year was from an Aveda Institute. In fact, three of the five nominees for that category were from Aveda. Go Aveda!
We finished the night off with a walk through the strip!

I insisted on seeing a fountain show at the Bellagio. Of all the hotels/casinos, this one is my absolute favorite.
 We had to make a trip to the Cosmopolitan, which is only a couple years old. I loved the chandelier.

There's my pink dress :)

 Over all, it was an amazing trip. I am so grateful that I was able to go. The show was incredible, and I have never seen so much good hair in my life. It definitely made me excited to go back to school and try harder as a hairstylist. I want to be able to create pieces like the winners at the awards. I want to go again!